Chrysanthemum embroidery pattern
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Free Hand Embroidery Pattern for November – Chrysanthemum Flower

Welcome to the November Freebie Friday Hand Embroidery Pattern

The November Birth Flower is the Chrysanthemum.

A beautiful colourful flower, often referred to as ‘mums’ – they symbolize various meanings depending on their colour or the country they are in!

Chrysanthemum embroidery pattern

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Materials required…

You will also need the Pattern Template…

Chrysanthemum Pattern Template – available from the link at the bottom of this post.

Chrysanthemum embroidery pattern

I wanted some vibrant and fun flowers so decided to stitch these Chrysanthemums in a fabulous lace weight yarn called Filigran.

I’ve used this in one of my designs before and it looks fab – you can read about it in this post about stitching with wool.

First you will need to access the FREE Template Download from my Pattern Resource Library – you can access this through the link at the bottom of this post.

Trace the hand embroidery design on to your fabric – pop in an embroidery hoop and…

Get Stitching…

Chrysanthemum embroidery pattern

This is the ideal hand embroidery pattern for beginners as the stitches used are nice and simple.

Individual flowers would look amazing stitched on to clothing, bags or whatever else takes your fancy! Enjoy…

Start stitching the Stems…

stem stitch stems

  • Stem Stitch from the top of the stem to the base
  • Chain stitch the leaves.

Chrysanthemum embroidery pattern

Now for the flowers…

Each flower is stitched with Chain stitch – start by stitching your chain stitches in to a simple lazy daisy shape.

Next continue stitching another lazy daisy over the top of the first and in between the previous petals to give a fuller and rounder effect.

chrysanthemum embroidery pattern
chrysanthemum embroidery pattern

Complete your beautiful flower with a French Knot to the centre – and there you have your first Chrysanthemum – how simple and gorgeous is that!

Complete your remaining Chrysanthemums to complete the design.

chrysanthemum embroidery pattern
Chrysanthemum embroidery pattern

If you would like to know how to mount your finished embroidery on a canvas board like those in this photo… check out the post here.

I really hope you enjoy stitching these fabulous flowers and would love to see how you get on.

Happy Stitching!


Want to download the Free Template for the Chrysanthemum Flower Design…

Get the password for the FREE Resource library with the Chrysanthemum template file here by filling out this form:

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