Violet Hand Embroidery Pattern
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Free Hand Embroidery Pattern for February – Violet


Welcome to the February Freebie Friday Hand Embroidery Pattern

This is the final pattern in the year long Birth Flower Patterns. It is amazing to think these started in March last year and we have stitched a flower every month since then.

The February Birth Flower is the Violet.

Violets are beautiful flowers and the perfect excuse for some fabulous color.

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Materials required…

You will also need the Pattern Template…

You can access the FREE Violet Template Download from my Pattern Resource Library – see the link at the bottom of this post.

How to Stitch

Trace the Violet on to your fabric and place in a hoop with a nice tight tension ready to start stitching…

The whole of the flower is stitched in long and short stitch using 2 strands of thread.

The flower is small and doesn’t require any shading so this is the perfect way to get some practice on this stitch if you are not a huge fan of needle painting or have not had much experience.

Thread color diagram…

Use this as a rough guide only so that you have some idea of where each color finishes and starts on each of the petals. Blend the colors into one another when the color changes.

thread colour and stitch guide for violet flower

Petal 1…

#550/2 strands: stitch long and short stitch around the outer edge…

Continue filling in petal 1, working your way towards where the color changes…

Change the color to #333, bringing the stitches up into the previous color for the first edge so that they blend rather than stop and start…

You can draw the lines on to the petal for the next 2 colors if this helps you. Blend in #155 to the last row of #333 and then stitch the lilac stitches directionally so that they follow down towards the center of the petal just like in this close-up…

#743 yellow is then brought in to finish Petal 1.

Petal 2…

#550, Long and short stitch.

Start on the outer edge and continue to fill petal 2 down towards the center of the flower.

Petals 3 & 4…

Stitch in the same way you did for Petal 1, starting on the outer edge.

Use the thread color diagram to help you with the introduction of each of the colors as they appear and draw these lines on to your fabric if this helps you as you stitch. Once complete, your flower should be looking something like this…

With 2 strands of #550 – long stitch the center lines of the flower to add some detail. Use this photo as your guide…

Stitching the Leaves…

#904 – Chain Stitch to fill. Start at the center base of the leaf and chain stitch the curve out to the edge (1). Do the same on the other side (2).

Continue chain stitching either side filling in the leaf as you go until the stitches eventually meet and merge at the center top.

Stitch all 3 leaves in the same way and your Violet is complete.

I really hope you enjoy stitching the Violet and would love to see your finished Flower.

Happy Stitching!


Want to download the Free Template for the Violet Flower Design…

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  • Joanne

    Trying to access your free pattern library. I have subscribed but no email to date. Would love the February Violet template. Thank you!

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