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Festive Forest Week 3: Christmas Trees


Welcome to the ‘Festive Forest’ Stitch A Long

This Stitch A Long will take place for 12 weeks on the Stitchdoodles blog – Starting Wednesday 21st September 2022.

Each Wednesday during the SAL – a new tutorial will be published on the blog with all the information you need to complete a part of the Festive Pattern.

If you are not familiar with a Stitchdoodles SAL and this is all new to you and you would like to join in, please go to this page to get all the information.

Do you need help with any of the stitches?

A Stitch A Long doesn’t provide you with the step by step instructions for the stitches themselves – it is a tutorial on how to stitch the pattern design – colours, techniques and stitches used etc. I will link to a ‘How to’ for certain stitches where I can, if you need further guidance, please take a look here …

Welcome to Week 3…

This week we are stitching the 2 Christmas Trees on each side of the cabin.

For the Tree and Pot, you will need the following colours: #834, #415, #829, #3345

Use 2 strands throughout unless otherwise stated.

Starting with the base layers first:

#834: Stitch a diagonal grid over the surface of the pot (Trellis Stitch)

#829: Stem Stitch the tree branches and trunk.

To complete the Pot:

This is stitched with a double trellis stitch – basically 2 grids stitched over each other. If this is totally new to you, there is a tutorial here where trellis is shown in more detail.

#415: Stitch a second diagonal grid in the same way as the first – the second set of lines need to be next to (not on top of) the gold grid.

#834: Anchor both grids down with vertical stitches on the cross sections.

To Finish… #834: Back Stitch around the edges of the pot and base then fill in the base with satin stitch.

Now your lovely pot is complete, you can stitch the greenery on your tree before adding the decorations…

#3345 (1 strand): Straight stitch the individual spikes to produce a spikey effect for the tree overall…

Repeat all of the above for the second tree on the other side of the design.

Now for the hanging decorations:

For the Sweets and Presents:

Colours Used: #798, #3820

Use your Colours in whichever way you want for the sweets and the little presents. I switched the blues and yellow around for a bit of variety on the different areas and in some places added on a couple of silver or gold stripes. Whatever you choose will look great for these bits.

To Stitch the Sweets: Straight stitch the ends of the wrapper stitcking out / Satin Stitch the Circle.

To stitch the Presents: Satin Stitch the top and bottom in contrasting colours. To finish, straight stitch the cross section and then the edges all around to straighten off. 2 Chain stitch complete the bow on the top.

For the Acorns:

Colours used: #829, #422

#829 (1 strand): stitch a diagonal grid for the acorn top & outline in back stitch. These are tiny so your stitches will need to be too! Add a tiny little stem on to finish.
#422: Satin Stitch the nut.

If you need a little refresher on Satin stitch for the sweets and acorns you can find a more detailed description here.

Both trees should look lovely and Christmassy once finished – feel free to add on your own decorations for a bit more bling!

Week 3 is complete!

Make sure you show off your beautiful Trees in the Happy Stitching FB Group or on Instagram with #stitchdoodlesembroidery.

If you need help along the way just ask in the FB group as there are lots of lovely people stitching along with you who can offer lots of advice and support if needed.

Week 3 is on the blog Wednesday 12th October… See you then!

Happy Stitching!


  1. I missed the first two weeks of SAL and need instructions for both weeks. Can you please send them to me. I couldn’t find them on the website, just week 3.

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