Exciting News: SAL Coming in May

Stitch A Long with Stitchdoodles in 2021 from the 12th May for 9 weeks.

Summer Splendour is the second pattern in the seasonal ‘Splendour’ series. We started off with the Autumn Season by stitching Autumn Splendour so now it’s time for Summer!

There will of course be all 4 seasons in the pattern series so keep in touch if you want to make sure you don’t miss out on the next patterns released.

There are lots of bright and summery elements featured in the summer design which you can enjoy bringing to life with a variety of different hand embroidery stitches allowing you to create a modern sampler with a traditional feel.

Here’s the wonderful design we will be stitching…

Want to join in…

…head over to the shop where there are several options for you to choose from…

PDF Pattern Template: Available to purchase NOW giving you plenty of time to get ready for stitching on the 12th May.

Grab the template for Free!

As will all Stitchdoodles Stitch A Longs – the template is available FOR FREE(!) to Subscribers for 1 week before the SAL starts. Summer Splendour will be in the Library available to download from Saturday 1st – Saturday 8th May. (to subscribe – see the link below)

Pre Printed Fabric – available to order NOW

Summer Splendour Kit – available to PRE ORDER – ships end of April 2021.

Grab the Supplies List…

If you purchase the template or the pre-printed fabric and want to get the rest of the supplies yourself, make sure you have everything you need to get stitching by downloading the supplies list here… Summer-Splendour-SuppliesDownload

Content of the Stitch A Long Tutorials…

Each Wednesday from 12th May 2021 I will be posting a tutorial with the colour and stitch guide to complete a part of the design for that week.

I will guide you through the sequence of stitching with the colours used.

This Stitch a Long shows you step by step how to complete the pattern but is not a stitch guide. If you need help with individual stitches there are lots of stitch tutorials on the blog and I will link to those for particular stitches where necessary.

If you are a beginner and unsure if you will be able to complete the pattern – the stitches are all simple and I will guide you as best I can should you require it. Please see the Beginner Guide in my resources library as well as the Stitch Guide page on this blog. You can also get lots of help in the FB group.

Stitchdoodles Stitch A Longs are designed to be exciting, challenging and above all fun fun fun! so make sure you you come and join in the fun on the 12th May!

Happy Stitching!

Join the Facebook group for extra support and to share your progress…

Come and say Hi to a community of like minded people who love to stitch and we will be sharing all the progress of the stitch a long on here as well.

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