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Embroidered Garden Club Design sneak peak

The latest design I am busy creating is inspired by my fascination with samplers. Traditionally, samplers were a collection of various stitches and patterns that served as a source of reference for future work.

It was more the busy and varied feel that I wanted to go for in a modern take on the idea with lots of colour.

Here’s a sneak peak of progress so far…

The Garden Club design has lots of lovely flowers and greenery with some plant pots, snails, spades and a watering can thrown in for fun.

This will be a fresh and fun design incorporating lots of simple and creative stitching for you to have lots of fun creating and putting your own spin on.

I’ll keep stitching and let you know when it’s ready!

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    1. Hi Melissa, thanks for that. I sell a few of my designs on pre printed fabric and they are in my shop. The other way around it is to get some sticky Fabri Solvy and print the design on to this – all you need to do then is peel and stick, no shaky hands to worry about. The Garden Club may be pre printed if its popular enough! Thanks for the compliment.

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