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Doodle Cloth Tuesday – Van Dyke Stitch

Hello and welcome back to the Doodle Cloth stitch fun!

All about the Doodle Cloth…

If you are unfamiliar with a doodle cloth – not to worry! – you can get the low down over on this post so you can join in and make your own. Today, I thought you might enjoy trying out…

The Van Dyke Stitch

This stitch can be varied in width and is great for borders or leaves. It has a centrally raised plait and for what I thought would be a tricky stitch was surprisingly simple!

How to Stitch…

If this is your first time with this stitch then start with a simple rectangle shape and draw a line down the middle. van dyke stitch Bring your thread out to the left of the central line on the top edge of the shape (1) Go back in just above and to the right of the central line (2), pull the thread through. van dyke stitch Now bring the thread out just above and to the left of the central line (3) Go back in on the top edge of the shape to the right (4). Pull the thread through. For the next stitch, bring the thread out below the first stitch on the left edge – keep a space between the stitches as it gives a nicer overall effect. Slip the thread through the loops of the stitches just made. van dyke stitch then take the needle back across to the opposite side and go back in. van dyke stitch van dyke stitch Continue doing the stitches in the same way, taking the thread through the loops of the stitches just above the one you are stitching. van dyke stitch You will start to form a plait down the centre.

Continue Stitching…

Be careful to keep the plait in the centre by not putting too much tension on the thread as you pull it across. You can see from the attempt above I didn’t pull it enough across in the centre and didn’t space evenly enough in some areas. Practice makes perfect!

Finishing the stitch…

Bring the thread up to the left of the centre line and back down to the right of the centre line, then pull through and finish on the back to secure. This was a fun stitch to do and once you get the hang of it you are able to make a much nicer plait in the centre (and keep it in the centre!) van dyke stitch Here’s how the stitch looks in a leaf shape with a slightly thicker thread. The result was really nice and I was so pleased with the plait after my first attempt! van dyke stitch The Doodle Cloth so far has been a success and I have learnt 2 stitches which I probably wouldn’t have tried but will definately use in future work! Hopefully that’s the case for you to – don’t forget – you can fill up your doodle cloth with any stitches you want to learn, not just the ones I am showing you!

Happy Stitching!


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van dyke stitch


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