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Doodle Cloth Tuesday – Sorbello Stitch

Well hello again, if you are new to the Doodle Cloth series then take a look at the first post which tells you how to get started… Creating a doodle cloth.

This week, Lets try the Sorbello stitch…

This stitch gets its name from a town in Italy called Sorbello, from which it originated.

It can be used in lines or curves and to fill shapes very much like the cross stitch.

Here’s how the stitch is composed…

Bring your thread up at 1 and down at 2 to create a straight stitch. Then come up at 3 (a stitch length down from 1).

Bring your needle up & around and take if down under the straight stitch (4) and over the thread that came out at 3 (5) – pull this through to form a loop around the straight stitch…

Do the same again to form a second loop (or knot)…

Then finish off by taking the thread to the back (a stitch length down from 2).

This forms a cross shaped stitch with a knot in the central area. You can play around with this and pull the loops tighter to form a more cross shape, or looser for a knot centre to be more apparent. Here’s a few on my doodle cloth…

This really is a more fancy version of the simple cross stitch and would look lovely done neatly (!) in rows, circles or to fill geometric shapes.

Next week I am going to pick something tricky tricky tricky to challenge us all!!!

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