knotted pearl stitch
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Doodle Cloth Tuesday – Knotted Pearl Stitch


Hello and welcome back to the Doodle Cloth stitch fun!

All about the Doodle Cloth…

If you are unfamiliar with a doodle cloth – not to worry! – you can get the low down over on this post so you can join in and make your own.

Today, I thought you might enjoy trying out…

Knotted Pearl Stitch


This week I decided to try a line stitch that I haven’t done before and came across the Knotted Pearl Stitch. This turned out to be a really nice stitch once you get into a rhythm and I can definitely say I will use it in future designs.

knotted pearl stitch

How to do the stitch…

Draw a line and come up on the edge. (1) Take a stitch along and slightly above the line and take your needle down (2). Next come up directly below where you came out at ‘2’, this time on the other side of the line a little distance from it (3).

Form the knot by slipping the needle through the stitch you made (4) and keeping the thread taut (as in the photos), releasing it gradually as you pull the thread through the stitch to form the knot. The rest of the stitches are made in the same way along the line forming knots as you go.

knotted pearl stitch

Playing around with different thickness of thread as well as varying the distance between the knots means this is quite a versatile stitch.

The orange Pearl stitch was worked with 3 strands of DMC thread. The Green is 2 strands of perle thread no. 12, and then the yellow is a thick pearl cotton.

knotted pearl stitch

The Knotted Pearl Stitch would make a fabulous decorative edging on lots of different designs.

Happy Stitching!


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