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Dog Embroidery Designs!

Dogs have been a big part of my home life as pets as well as in my working career so its no surprise I love stitching them!

I have wanted to get the Border Terrier Pattern I have had drawn out for a while now up as a pattern but due to one thing and another (mainly getting side tracked by different projects) it kept getting put back.

Finally I got around to completing him and I love the way he turned out…

Border Terrier embroidery pattern

The embroidery is stitched with Appleton’s Crewel Wool for the whole of the pattern as it is a dream to stitch with and really gives the character I am looking for.

Rather than go for my usual Long and Short stitch I decided to mix things up a bit and see what results I got from a different approach and I am really pleased.

I used a simple running stitch for the face and absolutely love the effect this has given.

The beard was the tricky part and I actually completed it with a combination of 2 colours in long stitch.

As you can see in the photo’s it took a lot of building up but the overall effect was just what I had in mind.

My final decision was with the eyes and I had a bit of fun here as I had a couple of beautiful 10mm glass eyes in my stash of bits and bobs. I love the way they complete this guys face and it was a complete transformation as soon as they were sewn in.

You can get a copy of the  Border Terrier pattern in my shop as it is all written up and ready to go

To complete your Dog Collection you can find all the other dog patterns in my shop as well from sewing a Shih Tzu to embroidering a pug!

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