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Craft Room Organization – reality versus dream.


A bit of Craft Room Inspiration

I love looking at people’s craft rooms – from the small little corner of the room, to what I call ‘the ultimate dream’.

If you need some inspiration for organizing and storing all your fabulous craft supplies then you will love browsing my Pinterest Board called

Craft Room Ideas and Organization

I have managed to find so many useful tips and tricks from looking at what other people have done. Plus it is so much fun seeing all the possibilities out there from the budget friendly approach to the jaw dropping ‘never gonna happen but I only wish it could’ complete systems.

Here’s my current workspace for all things embroidery…

embroidery workspace

Whatever did we do before Ikea! This desk was absolutely perfect for the small space (and the small budget!) and my absolute favorite buy is the pegboard you can see on the left-hand side.

If you haven’t discovered these yet – you need to. You can get different sized PegBoards and then get all sorts of add ons such as clips, hooks, boxes, shelves – for embroidery hoops and notions they couldn’t be more perfect.

embroidery workspace
I am slowly filling the whole wall – watch this space!

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So, if you could have anything you could dream of for your ideal craft room – what would it be?

Here’s something on my wishlist…

craft storage cabinet
Storage 4 Crafts Knightshayes Allstore

Look at the storage capacity of this cabinet – can you believe there are over 50 storage boxes to use in this beauty! Plus it folds up in to a much smaller cabinet for space-saving when needed…

photo: create and craft
photo: create and craft

This is one of those ‘Ultimate Embroidery Dream’ type items that I can keep on dreaming about!

Make your dream come true…

The Storage 4 Crafts Knightshayes Allstore is available from Create and Craft.

Here’s a few more fabulous rooms I found whilst browsing…

Source Unknown
Source Unknown

If this has inspired you to get organizing then don’t forget to check out my Pinterest board for lots more amazing ideas.

Happy Dreaming!


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