star embroidery pattern
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Christmas Stitching


Everyone loves Christmas…or do they?

So, I am going to be honest at the risk of alienating some stitchy followers!

I am not a Christmassy person! (aaaagggh!) I said it and its out there!!!

I feel so much better for letting that bit of info out in to the air!! That said, with it not being my favourite time of year I still participate in the festivities and enjoy the effect the season has on those I love.

With that as my driving force, my Christmas Pattern this year has come early (I know, shock abounds and I don’t quite know what came over me!)

In a doodling moment, this star evolved (!) and I felt this would look fabulous as a tree topper. I wanted bold, bright colours to bring the star out and be the centre of attention and so decided to see what a gorgeous indigo blue would look like with a silver thread…

I went with an Indigo Linen fabric by Robert Kaufman, I have used this fabric many times and it is gorgeous and comes in an array of colours.

Star embroidery pattern

The thread is silver not white as the photo would have you believe. As usual, I made no plans and decided to go with what stitches came to mind as I stitched the different elements.

I started with the main lines of the star and went with stem stitch. I love using this to give a nice strong outline to a design and find it a comfortable, easy stitch to  build up, perfect for beginners.

star embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

I incorporated Trellis Stitch (love this for a quick filler that looks fab!) and then decided some little stars would complete the overall effect. I am really pleased with the crispness of the finished design.

My original idea of a Tree Topper needed to be explored so I replicated the design on felt – this time I went for red with white…

I backed it with indigo coloured felt and unintentionally made a very american looking star!

Anway, I think it still looks very festive and can’t wait to get this on top of my tree this December.!

Would you like you to stitch a Star for Christmas?

This pattern is available FREE from the Stitchdoodles Resource Library, you can download the template and get stitching straight away…

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