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Book Review: Wild Blooms & Colorful Creatures


15 Beautiful Applique Projects

I haven’t done a book review in a while and have been meaning to do one on this book since the moment I bought it – the patterns are just gorgeous.

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Wild Blooms &Colorful Creatures

Wild Blooms & Colorful Creatures by Wendy Williams

I love to browse Pinterest for inspiration and very often get sidetracked by all the fabulous talent you can find on there from different fiber and textile designers and makers which is how I came across Wendy Williams.

Color Color Everywhere!

The first thing that drew me to this book was the wonderful colors used in the patterns. Each of the 15 patterns has wonderfully bright colors that give a modern and whimsical feel to the designs.

Wendy has a really unique style and when you start looking online and find all the patterns she has designed you are spoilt for choice.

If bright is not really your thing then you can easily adapt the patterns to suit the more traditional primitive color palette that wool felt applique is well known for.

Be Inspired.

You can get so much inspiration from textile books that are not necessarily directly about hand embroidery. If small hand embroidery projects are what you like, then this book has so much to look at to get you inspired.

The Use of Color…

Going bold and bright on a black background really makes this design ‘pop’ and it shows you how lots of different elements can be combined with an array of color and it still works. The more you look – the more you see which is why I love busy patterns with lots going on.

Different Finishing Techniques…

Very often, it’s easy to just place your embroidery in a basic frame and leave it at that. This beautiful runner shows what a difference a fabric border can make to the overall piece. It looks way more complex with the addition of the pieced border yet this is relatively easy once you give it a go.

Gorgeous Cushions…

This cushion design encourages you to use a variety of stitches and you don’t need a busy background. You could stitch the flower pot and bird on plain fabric and it would still be stunning.

Simply Cute…

Don’t you just love these birdies?! If like me, the idea of fiddling around trying to stitch the case is too much – the design alone would look wonderful in a hoop or frame to add some color and fun to your home.

The book is nicely set out and provides all the information you need for getting started – from choosing the supplies to applying the techniques.

Each pattern has easy to follow instructions, lots of photo’s and the template designs for the applique are provided at the back of the book with a large pull out pattern sheet to make things easier.

Where can you get the book?

If you think you would like to give some of these patterns a go then head over to Amazon and get a copy for yourself…

Happy Stitching!


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