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Book Review – The Artful Hare

Don’t you just love books? There is something about leafing through a book for inspiration that just appeals to me and I wanted to share with you one of my absolute favourites…

The Artful Hare by Alan Marshall

The Artful Hare

Books are such a great source of inspiration and ideas especially for embroidery.

Normally I trawl through charity shops looking for an old gem that has been discarded however when I saw this book in a museum shop I fell in love with it straight away and couldn’t leave without it! I have loved looking through it ever since so I thought you might enjoy taking a peek as well.

The main draw for me is the subject matter – Hares. I find them fascinating and beautiful and was absolutely in awe of how many different artists had managed to portray the same animal in so many different ways.

hare picture
Colin Blanchard

The beautiful hard back book contains more than 370 images from 74 different artists so there is an abundance of different techniques, color choices and interpretations to enjoy, all of which can help you get ideas for your own work.

the artful hare


Ian MacCulloch

The art shown in this book is contemporary and many of the artists share their methods and approach which is fascinating.

hare linocut


Angela Harding
hare linocut


Mary Collett


Andrew Waddington
hare picture


Georgina Warne
hare picture


Vanna Bartlett

There are other similar books by Alan Marshall including the subjects of owls, birds, gardens and cats. I am sure if they are anything like this, they are just as beautiful and worth pursueing if you particularly enjoy a particular subject like I do with Hares!

The Artful Hare

Hopefully you have been enjoying your Sunday, don’t forget it’s Freebie Friday this week so another beautiful flower pattern will be on the blog for you to stitch. I’ll leave you with a very simplistic little drawing of my own hare which I did a while ago and never got around to stitching!

hare stitchdoodles

Happy Stitching!


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