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Beginner Hand Embroidery Kits

A stepping stone to a whole new world

Most people when they decide they want to learn hand embroidery decide a kit is the way to go and this is certainly a great starting point.

Kits for me are just that – a great starting point – they open up a new technique or create a new found love of stitching and then the possibilities are endless with the right information.

I purposefully only do a few pre printed fabric panels to get people started as I love to encourage people to learn how to transfer the designs themselves. By doing this you find there is so much more choice for patterns than if you are limiting yourself to just kits every time.

Transferring the design to fabric seems to be the number one reason why someone will choose a kit over just the pattern. This part of the process seems to put people off when it really shouldn’t be the case.

I cover my 2 favourite methods of transferring a pattern to fabric in the post ‘How to Start your Hand Embroidery Project’ – scroll to step 5 where I cover tracing with a Frixion pen and using Carbon Paper.

2 Beginner Kits with a purpose…

If you have never tried Carbon Paper as a method of transfer – I have created 2 new beginner kits which show you exactly how to do this. Once you realise how fab this is you will have another skill under your belt and not be confined to pre printed kits any more.

The Wildflowers Beginner Kit

Everything is supplied for you to create this beautiful design but the main idea behind it is for you to learn how easy it is to trace the design on to your fabric using black carbon paper.

Step by Step photos and instructions guide you through the process as you achieve the finished design having completed every step from start to finish. Carbon paper can be used for several applications and you can easily and cheaply purchase single sheets for the next design you want to stitch.

The Night Blooming Kit

I love embroidery patterns that are stitched on black and dark fabric but could not find a simple solution for transferring the design until I discovered white carbon paper. Since then I don’t use anything but this when it comes to dark fabric pattern transfer.

This is was what inspired me to create the Night Blooming kit…

white embroidery on black fabric.

With this simple but beautiful pattern you will be able to transfer your flowers to the black fabric with the white carbon paper provided in the kit.

The design is 5 inches so the perfect size to give this a go. All the instructions are provided for how to do this in a clear and simple format.

hand embroidery kit on black fabric
pattern on black fabric

Once you have accomplished this you will be itching to stitch another design on black and you can purchase single white carbon paper sheets to transfer any design you want on to a dark fabric easily and cheaply without the need for another kit.

From Beginner to accomplished stitcher…

If you decide to give either of these kits a go, you will then be able to easily transfer a pattern of your choice to dark and light fabric with ease. This will open up the possibility for so many exciting designs for you to stitch in all sorts of shapes and sizes (they don’t always need to be round!)

Happy Stitching!

Wildflowers Hand Embroidery pattern
flowers Hand Embroidery pattern

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