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Beautiful Hand Embroidery Fabric

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Why is it so difficult to choose which fabric to use!

Oh my goodness! There is so much choice when it comes to fabric all of these questions start going through your head – what type do I choose, what weight, what color, how much do I need, will it stitch ok and so on and so on…

I am really fussy when it comes to the fabric I choose and because of this I have spent ages trialing different types so that I have some tried and tested options when I come to stitching my next project.

Finally, after many months – I am in a position where I can stock fabric in my shop that ticks all my boxes – quality, variety in type and color plus be an affordable option because lets face it – you want to be stitching lots and lots of projects (sometimes all at once!) and it can be quite costly if you aren’t careful.

For those of you who love linen

Linen has a certain charm that I really like. The natural slubs and texture that runs through the fabric can add an extra dimension to your embroidery.

Quality linen is beautiful but also expensive so I set myself the task of trying to find one that ticked the beautiful box but with a more affordable price tag!

After lots of samples and stitching – I finally found one I liked. It is unbelievable how 100% linen can differ so much in quality and softness depending on it’s origin and how it was produced.

The 100% Pure Washed Linen in Ivory stitches up beautifully and has a natural soft drape with a lovely feel and texture… It doesn’t come in other color choices but for it’s beauty and affordability I think it is a wonderful fabric for a linen lover!

For the Inbetweener!.. Linen Blend

So you love linen but you like it to have a smoother appearance – that’s where a linen blend fabric comes in.

I have always loved Robert Kauffman Essex Linen so this was my comparison when it came to finding a linen blend fabric. The inconvenience (and not to mention expense!) of having this shipped over from the US was not an attractive option for me so I have searched and searched for a linen blend I like and finally found not one – yay!!!

Linen can be blended with a whole host of different fibres and it is amazing the difference this makes to the resulting fabric. I always thought cotton would be the best blend (because of the RK!) but the cheaper varieties of this can be quite – well – cheap looking – not to mention very scruffy and just a bit of handling and they look like they have been dragged through a hedge backwards!

I was nearly at the point of thinking this was just an impossible task and RK was the only alternative for a quality linen blend fabric when I stumbled across a linen/rayon mix (actually sent to me in error!)

Linen / Rayon Blend – absolutely gorgeous…

This fabric is 45% Linen / 55%Rayon and I love it! It is medium weight and the drape and feel is wonderfully soft. I like to trace my designs so the fact that I can still see through it nicely when I put it against a light source is a big plus for me.

I use a calico fabric as my stabilizer (fabric behind the ground/main fabric) so a medium weight fabric looks wonderful quality once it has been stitched with calico behind. This enables you to not only use a cheaper fabric to great effect but also acts as a way of hiding your threads at the back and crossing a few threads over now and again if you are feeling lazy (win-win!).

Linen/Cotton Blend – wonderful quality…

This fabric is 65% cotton/35%Linen and a great weight and quality to stitch with. It really is a perfect choice for those who love linen but want a less slubby appearance. It is great to stitch with and looks beautiful.

For those who love Cotton

I have not always been a fan of the totally smooth look of cotton but having discovered this beautiful 100% cotton I have changed my mind as the quality is superb and the color choice makes you melt!

These fabrics come in an array of colors. Currently, in the shop you can find Cream, Lilac, Chambrey, Ivory and Black and I am hoping to add some more scrummy colors very soon.

Sometimes only Black will do…

Black is fab – there is no denying how wonderful a black fabric can make a design but you still have choices in the type of fabric and it does make difference. I have decided on 3 different types – all of which I like.

Black seems to be incredibly popular and so at the time of writing I have some wonderful black cotton linen look fabric in stock. This is wonderful quality and has a texture to it so you can get the best of both types. Linen look – cotton quality!

I also stock the wonderful Linen/Rayon blend in black as well as the 100% Cotton in black.

Finally, it’s all about size…

Hand Embroidery designs come in all sizes and very often you don’t need a lot to complete the design you want to stitch. Buying too much fabric is so easy to do as it is not easy to find small quantities.

You can buy pre-cut sizes of any of the fabrics I have in stock in either a 12 inch and 16-inch size. This covers most of the design sizes I create but if you want a smaller or larger piece you are more than welcome to contact me and discuss what you would like.

Grab yourself some gorgeous fabric and get stitching.

Hopefully this makes your decision that little bit easier and makes choosing your fabric quicker and simpler which leaves a lot more time for the best bit – stitching!

If you still don’t know which fabric to choose – grab yourself a Stitchdoodles Sample pack…

There are 6 samples of fabric in the pack, each 5 inches square. This allows you to feel and see the difference between the different types as well as stitch a bit on each and see which you prefer.

Have fun!

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