golden leaves embroidery pattern
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Autumn Leaves Embroidery Pattern

Wow, I am seriously loving this Baltimore block I am stitching. Rather than go for the traditional green that the leaves were calling to be stitched in, I decided to think Autumn!

Amazing what a difference colour makes in the overall effect of a design as well as the impact it has on the actual stitching. I can’t wait to stitch each leaf and see it evolve and contribute to the overall wreath.


Berries have proved to be a bit more tricky. The traditional red did not give enough contrast so I am trying this grape colour to see if it suits the overall effect. I think once I add the branches it will give me the overall decision on the berry colour!

Either way I am absoloutely loving this stitch journey and am excited for the next one in the series.

Baltimore stitchies will be available in a collection of patterns when they are all complete! Not sure when that will be but keep coming back to find out!

Golden Leaves Pattern is available here

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