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Autumn Splendour – Week 12 – Sleepy Owl


Wow! It’s the last week of this fabulous Stitch A Long and the only block left to stitch is the gorgeous Owl.

I can’t believe it has been 12 weeks since we started stitching this pattern and the fun doesn’t have to stop there. If you have only just found your way to this and still want to stitch it then you can.

You can join in anytime as the blog tutorials won’t be disappearing when the SAL ends. You can purchase the Pattern Template or the Pre Printed Fabric from the shop and go back to week 1 and get stitching.

There will be a full pattern also available shortly for those who prefer to follow a simple PDF.

So, let’s get stitching the final block…

Sleepy Owl

owl colour guide

Stitching the Branch…

#839: Brick Stitch.

Stitching the Owl…

Start with the wing which we will be Trellis Stitching. (If this is a stitch you are not familiar with you can see it in more detail in this tutorial here).

STEP 1… #902: for the first part of the grid – diagonally stitch across the wing – the lines are approx. 4mm apart.

STEP 2… Do the same again, in the opposite direction to create a grid of squares that fill the wing shape.

STEP 3…Now you need to stitch small vertical stitches where the grid lines meet. This will anchor the grid lines in place…

trellis stitch

Now you are going to do the exact same Trellis Grid again in a different colour…

#829: Create the first layer as you did in STEP 1 above – make the lines of this grid directly next to the previous lines on the right.

Continue to complete the second grid with the STEP 2 and STEP 3 and you will have a nice filled wing like so…

To finish the wing…

#829: Back stitch around the edge.

The Owl’s breast is stitched in Brick Stitch. Start stitching down the centre of the shape in a curved direction as shown by the white arrow. (Refresher in Brick Stitch here). Complete stitching either side of the curved centre line to fill in the breast as shown in this photo…

For the outer eyes – straight stitch vertical stitches equally spaced apart around each of the eyes. Then Split stitch both the outer edge and inner edge of these 2 shapes to complete…

Stitch the beak and eyes as shown above in black. Also, Satin stitch the Feet in Black as well.

Now all that’s left to do is to fishbone stitch the 2 leaves in #29 and give them a little stem each in #921.

hand embroidered owl

Finish the block by stitching the outline in #921 in Back Stitch.

Now you have completed this block your wonderful Sampler is complete…

Thank you so much for joining in and sharing your fabulous stitching over the past 12 weeks.

I can’t wait to see your finished Autumn Patterns so don’t forget to share your wonderful stitching on the Happy Stitching FB Group or send me some pics and I’ll post them here.

Don’t forget you can also share your stitching on Instagram with #stitchdoodlesembroidery.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Hi Nicola
    I feel quite sad it’s the last week. I’m looking forward to the next one. It’s been great being in contact with you and all the other Stitch Doodlers!! Stay safe x

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