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Autumn Splendour SAL – WEEK 9 – Hedgehog & Leaves


It’s week 9 and at last we get to add a sweet little hedgehog to the design!

If this is all new to you and you are wondering what this SAL is all about – please go to this page for all the details. You can join in anytime as the blog tutorials won’t be disappearing when the SAL ends.

Colour Guide for the this block…

You can start with the leaves or the hedgehog, just follow the guides below…

Stitching the Hedgehog

Start with the front of the hedgehog and with the #3864 use long and short stitch to fill. See the photo below for the stitch direction.

The Hedgehog spikes are stitched with random straight stitches in a diagonal direction.

Start with the darker brown (#839) and randomly stitch diagonal straight stitches in the direction shown in photo 2. You can extend out of the edge as these are spikes and he isn’t supposed to have a rounded edge. Leave gaps as you go as these will be filled with the other colours.

Once you are happy with your brown spikes (don’t make them too sparse as you can stitch over them), you can bring in the second colour #452…

… repeat stitching random diagonal straight stitches in this second colour inbetween the gaps so there are no bald patches – evenly distribute them so it is not clumped in one area – again, make sure the edge is spikey and not too neat.

Finally add in some black spikes for a little bit of extra texture.

To complete the hedgehog, stitch a French knot for the eye and straight stitch the nose and feet…

Stitching the Leaves

As always, feel free to make your own choices for stitches, here’s how I stitched the ones in the pattern…

And that’s all there is too it. Finish the block by stitching the outline in #934 in Back Stitch.

Week 9 is complete…

Share your finished block on the Happy Stitching FB Group or send me some pics and I’ll post them here.

Don’t forget you can also share your stitching on Instagram with #stitchdoodlesembroidery.

Happy Stitching!

Don’t forget – you can join in any time and take as long as you want!

Find out all about how you can get the pattern and join in with all the fun here.


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