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Autumn Splendour SAL – Week 8 – Woodpecker


Week 8 is the wonderful Woodpecker and you are going to love adding this little bird to your embroidery.

If this is all new to you and you are wondering what this SAL is all about – please go to this page for all the details. You can join in anytime as the blog tutorials won’t be disappearing when the SAL ends.

Colour Guide for the Woodpecker block…

Start with the Tree Trunk…

Stitch vertical lines from the bottom to the top of the trunk.

Start with a central vertical line and then work either side of this to fill. The smaller branches can be stitched at the end.

I used Brick Stitch however this would look equally as good in stem, split or long and short depending on your preference.

Stitching the Woodpecker

Following the guide below, use 2 strands throughout. Stitch in the following order…

  • #3864: Brick stitch the Birds breast and head
  • #310: Slanted Satin stitch the wing and Long & Short Stitch the Tail
  • #347: Long & Short stitch the top of the head and straight stitch the small area on the birds under belly.
  • *03: Straight stitch the beak.
woodpecker stitch guide

With all the main areas complete, you can add the details…

  • #310: Back stitch the outline of the birds head from the top of the beak to the base of the neck (between the red and beige).
  • #310: Stitch the black detail under the eye, stitch a French Knot for the eye and a couple of straight stitches for the feet.
  • #3864: Back stitch the small line of the wings tip to separate it from the tail.

Remember… Use this photo as a guide. I stitch quite small and find 2 strands is ok but you might think it is too thick. If this is the case just use 1 strand of black for the outlining, french knot and feet.

It’s ok to unpick and redo if you are not happy with something – I do this all the time!

Once your woodpecker is stitched and you are happy with him you should be pretty pleased with yourself as he does look really nice when complete.

To complete the Block…

Use the following as your colour and stitch guide for completing the other elements in the block…

For the leaf, with #221, Fly stitch to fill from top to bottom and then complete by outlining the leaf in back stitch. With #783, straight stitch in between the gaps of the fly stitch and then stitch a single chain stitch for the stem.

Brick stitch the grass or you could use some lovely long chain stitch, split stitch or stem stitch instead.

Don’t forget to outline the block in the #976 when you are all finished.

stitch guide for woodpecker

Well done – this weeks block is complete.

Share your finished block on the Happy Stitching FB Group or send me some pics and I’ll post them here.

Don’t forget you can also share your stitching on Instagram with #stitchdoodlesembroidery.

Happy Stitching!

Don’t forget – you can join in any time and take as long as you want!

Find out all about how you can get the pattern and join in with all the fun here.


  1. Really excited about the woodpecker!
    I’ve started the Dog Park embroidery using the calico behind. I’m not sure if my stitches are any better but I love doing it.
    I’m loving Stitch Doodles. So glad I found you Nicola x

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