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Autumn Splendour SAL – Week 2 – Acorns and Leaves


It’s the second week of the SAL and I have loved seeing your wonderful Foxes from week 1 – they have been amazing.

If this is all new to you and you are wondering what this SAL is all about – please go to this page for all the details.

This week, we are going to be stitching 2 blocks – some wonderful acorns and gorgeous autumn coloured leaves.

All the stitches are completed with 2 strands of DMC in the colours given unless otherwise stated.

Lets start with…

The Small Acorn Block

You will need the following colours…

  • #839 Walnut
  • #3864 Stone
  • #934 Juniper
  • #221 Plum

How to stitch…

Starting with the large green leaves – begin by stitching the inside of the leaves with continuous fly stitch. Start at the tip of the leaf and work down to the base.

When you get to the base, go around and outline the leaf in stem stitch. Complete the stems of the acorns in Stem stitch as well.

Stitching the AcornsSatin Stitch the acorn nuts in vertical stitches before completing the tops with the French Knots – this allows the edge to be covered by the french knots making it look neater.

Finally, to complete this block – Back stitch the outer edge in #221.

Even though this is a small block, I am sure you will agree it is really fun seeing those acorns emerge on your fabric!

And with it being a small on, I added a second block to this weeks stitching just to keep you busy! Don’t worry, it’s a really simple one and incredibly satisfying when you see the golden orange leaves filling in…

The second block is the…

Autumn Leaf

(with a couple more acorns thrown in for fun!)

The Acorns are stitched in the same colours and stitches as those in the small block so we don’t need to go over them again.

For the Autumn Leaf you will need the following colours…

  • #976 Marmalade
  • #729 Honey
  • #934 Juniper

In order to create a variegated shade, we are going to use just 1 strand each of the colours #976 and #729 – so we are still stitching with 2 strands but they are made up of the 2 colours…

Take a leangth of thread in both #976 and #729 and then separate off 1 strand from each – place both of these single strands together in the needle to create the colour required.

Starting at the tip of one of the individual leaves – Fishbone stitch to fill the shape from top to bottom.

When all the individual leaves are filled in, back stitch up the centre of the leaf to complete.

Finally, to finish the block – Back Stitch around the edge with #934.

Now you have 2 more fabulous blocks complete on your pattern.

I really hope you enjoyed stitching these as much as I did. I love fishbone stitch as it always looks so elegant and is really fun at the same time!

Don’t forget to share your finished block on the Happy Stitching FB Group or send me some pics and I’ll post them here.

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Happy Stitching!

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