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Autumn Splendour SAL – Get ready to Stitch


I hope you are getting excited!

Not long now until the Stitch A Long Starts where we will be stitching this fantastic ‘Autumn Splendour’ Hand Embroidery Pattern…

autumn hand embroidery pattern

For this week only (26th August – 2nd September) – you can access the template for the design FREE in the Stitchdoodles Resource Library. If you are already a member you can access the library with the password and download the template now.

Not a member – you can sign up from the form at the bottom of this post.

REMEMBER… it’s only free from the 26th August – 2nd September – after that it will be available to purchase in the Stitchdoodles Shop.

Now you have the template what’s next?

Download and Print out the Pattern template and then transfer it on to your fabric ready for when stitching starts on Wednesday 9th September.

Hopefully you have already downloaded the supplies list, but if not here it is again…

Choose your fabric…

I used a cream Cotton Fabric as I wanted a warm but light background for the design. Obviously you can choose whatever you like but if you are a beginner and following the pattern with the same colour palette I would suggest a lighter colour choice.

Transfer the Design…

I used a Frixion Pen and a Light box and traced the pattern on to the fabric.

The main thing is to make sure the template and fabric are both secured down with masking tape when you trace so it can’t move. A small see through ruler is also helpful for tracing the lines.

Here’s how mine looked once traced…

If you want to see the process in a bit more detail, see this post from the Spring Sampler SAL which is similar to how I traced this pattern.

Choose a frame to stitch in…

Even though the design is square you could still choose to stitch it in a hoop. If this is your preferred method and you want to get one that has most of the design accessible then a 10inch would be suitable.

If, like me, you prefer to stitch in a stretcher bar frame then 4 x 12 inch bars are the size you need. I stitch most of my designs in these as they are quick, simple, cheap and hold the whole fabric tight throughout the duration of the project. You can read more about them in this post.

Don’t forget the Floss…

The Floss used is DMC stranded thread and there are 25 Colours used in the design. DMC is widely available so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding the necessary colours – of course you can choose your own colours or match ones you already have as closely to the colours as possible.

Purchase all you need from the Stitchdoodles Shop…

There are 3 kits available depending on what you need but stocks are limited…

Shop for the Autumn Splendour Supplies

Now you are all ready to go…

The first tutorial will be on the blog on Wednesday 9th September so you can join in and get stitching.

Stay up to date through the email list, on facebook or Instagram. You can also join the Happy Stitching FB Group and share your progress along with lots of others joining in.

See you on Wednesday 9th September!

Happy Stitching!

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