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Are you ready for the Stitchdoodles Advent Calender?


Advent Calender 2021

This seems to have got so many people excited and there are a huge amount of stitchers that will be joining in the fun so I want to make sure you understand how it works so you are all set to get straight to the stitching on Day 1.

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Want to join in the fun?

Sorry, the 2021 Calender is closed but look out for the next one in 2022!

Obviously, as with any Advent Calender – you can’t start it until the 1st December! However, you can get the main grid transferred on to your fabric…

If you have purchased the Pre printed Fabric or the Full Kit then you can skip the transfer part.

How to transfer the Advent Calender Grid

For those of you who have purchased the Digital Template – here’s a quick guide on how to transfer the template on to your fabric…

You will need:

  • The Printed template
  • Light Box
  • Ruler
  • Frixion Pen for transferring (NOT water soluble or Sticky Fabri Solvy – it will become apparent why as the process unfolds)
  • 15 inch piece of cotton fabric and stabiliser fabric

Download the template from your digital purchase and Print out – make sure it is the correct size which is explained in the information sheet.

Using the light box and Frixion Pen – trace the grid template on to your cotton fabric using a ruler. Make sure you write ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ for the correct orientation.

Once you are happy with the transferred grid you just need to write on the numbers for each square following the diagram in the information given with your purchase. There are 25 numbers in total. Obviously you don’t need to write on number 25 as this will be obvious when all the others are completed!

IMPORTANT NOTE: these numbers need to be erasable so a frixion pen is recommended (there is no guarantee the numbers will be hidden by the motifs.)


How to Access the Daily Motif

For those with the Full Kit…

Simply open envelope number 1 on the 1st December and then follow the directions below.

For everyone else…

Use the super secret password (given in your purchase information) to access the secret page.

On the 1st December, there will be a download link where you can access the motif for day 1 – simply print this out and get ready to follow the directions below for transferring the motif to your fabric.

How to transfer the Daily Motif

For those of you who have traced your main grid template on to the fabric yourself – remember I said not to use a Water Soluble pen or Sticky Fabri Solvy as the transfer method for the main grid this is because you need to use this for the motifs and it wouldn’t work for both, plus the grid would disappear when we wash off the sulky from the motif’s – not a good idea!

For those with the Full Kit…

Your motif is provided pre printed on to Sticky Fabri Solvy so just follow along from the bit where you peel off the backing paper…

For everyone else…

You will need :


  1. Simply trace your motif on to the fabric/soft side of the Sticky Fabri Solvy
  2. Cut around the motif leaving approx 1/4 -1/2 inch extra around the edge
  3. Peel off the backing paper
  4. Stick the motif inside the correctly numbered block (so Day 1 – pop the motif in block 1)
  5. I like to pop a couple of applique pins around the edge to stop it moving.

Make sure the motif is sitting inside all the edges of the block and not resting on any.

Time for Stitching

The colours and stitches used will be given on each day for that particular motif.

For those with the full kit…

Your threads and stitch guide are provided each day.

For everyone else…

You can use the exact same colours – details are provided in your purchase information. Alternatively use your own!

Repeat Repeat Repeat

Simply access the template each day (from your kit or from the password protected page), transfer to your fabric with the sticky fabri solvy and stitch away!

The design will be revealed as you go along and if you manage to keep up – you will be stitching your last motif on Christmas Day!

Finishing the Advent Calendar…

When you stitch your last motif on to your advent calendar you will have a wonderful Christmas themed design!

All the finishing directions will be available on the password protected page as well as on this blog from
26th December – I will show you…

  • how to remove the SFS
  • how to stitch the surrounding edges of each square.
  • how to finish it to be displayed year after year as a Christmas heirloom decoration.

See you on the 1st December for lots of stitchy fun!


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