Hi! I’m Nicola, the person behind Stitchdoodles Design.

I am passionate about Hand Embroidery and excited to be able to share my passion with you through my patterns and blog.


Given the chaos life can throw our way with the many jobs we need to take care of on a daily basis, it can be easy to forget to take a moment to yourself and truly relax. Sometimes all we need is a form of escape from normality and a chance to do something just for the sheer joy of it.

What I create are Hand embroidery pattern designs that allow you to do just that. Immerse yourself in a world of threads and stitches in a way that suits you. Choose your colors, try out different stitches or just follow along exactly as I show you. Not only will you be creating something to keep, but you will be allowing your mind to switch off from everything around you and focus on the simple pleasure of stitching for as short or as long a time as you like. Every time you feel the need to relax, pick up your embroidery and stitch away for a bit before you are ready to get on with life again.

So many people have discovered the joy of hand embroidery – not just the stitching but the process that goes in to each design. Its amazing how beneficial this age old craft can be and I hear time and time again how people just love stitching.

There are so many rules we have to follow these days and with hand embroidery there is only one – that is – there are no rules. Once you realise this and make something your own, you will enjoy stitching even more. Create your own favourite piece of art.

I really hope my hand embroidery designs inspire you to pick up a needle and some gorgeous thread and get stitching and realise the delights this can bring to you in so many positive ways.