A Year of Flowers

Stitch a different flower every month with this simple project!

What’s this all about?

I love thread journals and even did my own last year but I wanted to come up with something I could spread out over a year that didn’t require a huge amount of commitment or stitching!

That way, people can have this project on the go, delight in it coming together slowly and know that if they miss a month it’s not going to take a huge amount of time (and stress) to catch up again!

Those of you doing a stitch journal can even add this to your ‘to do’ list when you get a bit of extra stitching time!

Here’s how it works…

You can purchase the Pre Printed Fabric or the downloadable template (from the links below) and then during the 1st week of each month in 2022 a new colour and stitch guide PDF will be added for that months flower.

All you have to do is print out the PDF or follow online and stitch your flower using your own threads – they don’t have to be exact and of course could be completely different – the choice is yours.

There is no kit for this – I am stitching this as the year unfolds just like you and will show you the colours and stitches I chose for each flower at the start of each month.

Want to join in?

Purchase the template and transfer to your own fabric and threads for stitching.

Purchase the pre printed fabric and use your own threads – the hard bits done for you!

Access the Colour and Stitch Guide for each Flower here…

Stitching the Letters of the Month:

I have chosen to stitch the Month wording in a colour to match one used for the flower that month.

The stitch I am using is whipped back stitch: With 1 strand back stitch the letter and then with 1 strand whip through the back stitch on top.

Keep your stitches tiny to maintain the curves!

This is a nice slow paced project that anyone can join in with at any time!

Join the Facebook group for extra support and to share your progress…

Come and say Hi to a community of like minded people who love to stitch and we will be sharing all the progress of the stitch a long on here as well.