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A Year Inspired by William Morris – February


February has snuck up on us already and I am so amazed at the amount of people joining in with this SAL. Although the recommended skill level is advanced beginner, I am really happy to see that so many total beginners are giving it a go as they love the design so much.

Stitching a design that really gets you excited is such a great way to learn but this is a tricky stitch given the complexity of the individual designs and the small stitch areas – any one can give it a go but be sure to use it as a learning adventure if you are a newbie – you can always stitch it again once you have gained more experience.

Here’s just a few of the fabulous stitching that has been shared in the FB group for the January section…

One of the big factors in great stitching is having your fabric in a hoop so it is nice and tight when stitching. A project like this is the perfect excuse to go traditional and use a slate frame as it is going to be stitched through the year and needs to be kept in a nice condition throughout.

I wanted to do a small variation of the design and stitch it through the year as well so decided to pop it in a slate frame. Its a lot of effort but so worth it! Not only because the fabric is so tight but it looks so beautiful and is a joy to pick up and stitch. Here it is complete and ready to go…

Now for this months stitching…


This month we are stitching a section of a design called ‘Pomegranate’ which was designed by Morris in 1877.

Just look at those gorgeous blue leaves – these had to be included as soon as I saw them.

From the intial drawing…

to the fabulous stitching…

If bright colours give you that happy stitch feeling then February will not disappoint!

I can’t wait to see all your Pomegranate interpretations- make sure you keep showing all your fabulous progress with #stitchdoodlesdesign as well as on the Happy Stitching FB Group.

Happy Stitching!

Would you like to Join in?

‘A Year Inspired by William Morris’ will be stitched throughout 2023. You can find out all about how you can join in here… A Year Inspired by William Morris

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