running stitch
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8 Ways with a simple Running Stitch!

Running Stitch is probably one of the most basic of stitches and it is amazing the variety of effects you can create with just this one stitch…

All with a SimpleRunning Stitch!

Forget those boring lines you learnt to stitch at school when you first tried out running stitch and go back and try out the possibilities this stitch has to offer.

These samples I stitched were great fun and just the tip of the iceburg as far as the effects you could create. I stitched them on to an evenweave fabric so you could see the way the stitch is used to create the effect. Here’s some closer pictures…

You run the needle in and out of the fabric creating a series of stitches.


All the stitches on the right side of your work should be the same size but you can be creative with small or large gaps in between, small or large stitches, different types and thickness of thread.

This can be used for straight and curved lines as well as a great filler for large areas.


Work several rows of even length and space and then alternate them to make a brick pattern like this… this would make a really fun border pattern.

Interlaced running stitch is so easy yet the result is stunning…


Work 3 rows of running stitch with the lines exactly above each other and then use a blunt needle to weave a thread vertically through the stitches to create a laced effect.


How about doing a double running stitch to create these fun lines… Stitch the first row with a normal running stitch and then come back on yourself filling in the gaps.

Heres some more ideas for zig zags, columns, arrows, wiggly lines, chains, and waves to name but a few!!!

So the one thing you should remember not to do is under estimate the abilities of the running stitch, it is fabulous!!!