hand embroidery sampler
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8 Hand Embroidery Stitches every design could be completed with…

So much choice!

There are a multitude of embroidery stitches to delight any stitching enthusiast however, if you are just starting out or want to learn a few of the basics to make any project look great, then these 8 stitches are fantastic…

hand embroidery sampler

They give you so many options available for outlining, filling and decorative stitches to make any project stand out from the rest.

back stitch hand embroidery
Back Stitch

Back Stitch 

Outline anything and everything as well as add detail and do simple filling.

chain stitch bird

Chain Stitch

Give outlines a softer feel. This makes a great filler for a more textured look. Isolated chain stitches make great leaves and daisy chain flowers.

stem stitch

Stem Stitch 

Use as an outline stitch for a slightly uneven look – great for stems and branches. Also gives a nice filler effect as you can see in the birds wing.

satin stitch

Satin Stitch

A filler stitch that looks really beautiful – I prefer to use this in smaller shapes as it is a lot easier to keep smooth.

brick stitch

Brick Stitch

Another filler stitch, I love the effect this stitch can give, for such a simple stitch it gives a really nice effect.

french knot

French Knot

Lines, fillers and isolated – a great stitch for so many designs.

long and short stitch

Long & Short Stitch

This is a stitch that can take a bit of time to master but is a great filler for so many designs.

couching stitch


I love the simplicity of the Couching stitch but also the fact you can get it to make lovely smooth lines as well as fill in complicated shapes.

Over the next few weeks I will go in to each of these stitches in a bit more detail so you can get some inspiration for how to use them and what they look like in different formats.

This little bird is a great way of showcasing different stitches and how they look – let me know if you would like to learn a particular stitch and I can stitch up a bird to see what it looks like and give you a ‘how to’ at the same time.