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7 Must Have Hand Embroidery supplies…

There is so much to learn about Hand Embroidery

When you are new to embroidery you can be quickly overwhelmed by the what’s why’s and how to’s that this fabulous and addictive age old craft seems to attract.

Take a peak at the 7 Hand Embroidery supplies that I feel are must have’s to make your piece of work as good as it can be, let’s go…

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There is sooo much choice when it comes to fabric.

And the choice you make can make a very real difference to the end result when it comes to hand embroidery.

I have tried a wide variety of different fabrics – cotton, linen, mixed fibres and the difference to your stitching enjoyment as well as the way it looks when you are done can be quite amazing.

I would suggest playing around with a few to see what you like…

My favourites include…



The one I use the most in my own designs is Robert Kaufman Essex Linen – it has a nice weight, stitches beautifully and has a more natural effect than the cotton.

Embroidery Threads with that wow factor…

pyjama day pattern

There are so many beautiful embroidery threads to choose from.

Cotton, linen, wool, silk and everything in between!

For fabulous quality and exciting colours you can’t go wrong with the dmc or anchor 6 stranded embroidery floss.

Once you are comfortable stitching with stranded floss you can experiment with all the other types available and find out what a difference a type of thread can make to your stitching. There are no limits to what you can use but there are limits to how easy some are and weather frustration gets the better of you!


When you look for embroidery needles you can be quickly overwhelmed by the amount and type available!

They come in many sizes – the larger the number, the thinner the needle will be.


Crewel or Embroidery Needles are the best type for Hand Embroidery – they are medium sized in length with a sharp point and a long eye  (this allows more than one strand of embroidery floss to be threaded at the same time).

I find a size 7 is my most used and go for a quality make as it makes all the difference.

My most budget friendly place I get needles from is John James- they are great quality and I really enjoy stitching with them.

Another needle I absolutely love to stitch with is the Tulip Hiroshima Needles. They are a real treat and feel very high end when you stitch with them! Tulip Hiroshima UK Supplier, Tulip Hiroshima Needles US Supplier.

Embroidery Hoops…

It’s that ‘Q’ word again – Quality!

For a quick and simple set up and stitch – the ones I like to stitch with are Elbesee Hoops – great price, great quality and by far the best I have come across so far in their price bracket.

embroidery hoop

For more detailed, time consuming projects I love my  Elbesee Seat frame as I have 2 hands free to stitch with and its a bit quicker. US readers shop the seat frame here.

Other frames you could use include the following …

Q snap Frames (UK)  – Not for me, I tried this but didn’t find it a comfortable stitch experience and was constantly having to turn the ribbed clamps to tighten as I stitched. Q snap frames (US)

Spring Embroidery Hoop  – perhaps these are better for machine embroidery. I tried these thinking they would be great but for me the tension just wasn’t tight enough for hand stitching. Spring Embroidery Hoop US

Flexi Hoops – I love these for framing my work at the end as they make them look fabulous! Flexi Hoops UK, Flexi Hoops US.

Sulky sticky Fabri Solvy water soluble Stabilser…

sticky fabri solvy

There are a multitude of ways to transfer your hand embroidery design to your fabric.

I have 2 favourite methods – one of which is this amazing dissolving paper.

If you want quick results, are using a dark or thick fabric, or if the design is really intricate and fiddly to draw then I find this is the ideal solution.

If you have not tried this then it is definately worth experimenting with – for felt designs it is perfect. You can purchase from Amazon here…

Stabiliser Fabric…

embroidery hoop

I am a firm believer in using a stabiliser fabric behind my main fabric for a bit of support, unless you are using Wool Felt or a fabric that is thick enough to support your stitches on its own.

All you need is some Calico – I use pre shrunk calico as I find it lovely and soft and a nice weight. UK Supplier, US supplier

Benefits of using a stabilser fabric behind your main fabric are…

  • Adds support to your stitches
  • Hides the threads at the back if you are a bit messy!
  • Gives you an easy way to start off and finish your thread
  • Makes your work look so much better at the end.

What more can I say!

A Fun and Inspiring Pattern…

garden embroidery

Possibly the most important choice you will have is your pattern.

Make sure you choose something that you really like and that excites you so the whole stitching journey is a delight.

We all have our favourite things – I am always drawn to nature with plenty of flowers and animals to inspire – I absolutely love stitching these and am always excited to see the end result.

Make sure it is achievable for your skill set or if you want to stretch yourself, make sure the pattern is well written, easy to follow and has plenty of photos to guide you as you stitch.

A great hand embroidery pattern can be ruined by a frustrating and badly written pattern so choose wisely!

Pick something you love the look of and can follow and it will be a joy to stitch from start to finish.

Take a look at the hand embroidery patterns in my shop for some inspiration to get you stitching… StitchDoodles Shop

I hope this information has been useful and if you wish to contact me you can do – I’m always happy to hear from fellow stitchers. email nicola@stitchdoodles.com

Happy Stitching!!!   ♥


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