Rabbit embroidery pattern
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Wildflowers and Rabbits in Embroidery

Remember the walk I showed you last week? With all those lovely colours and gorgeous wild rabbits? Well, it had me totally inspired to create a new design as I just had to get those thistles in stitch somehow!  So, I have had great fun coming up with a new design and here’s a sneak peak of how it looks so far…

Rabbit embroidery pattern

I have packed this full of colour with thistles, daisies, bullrush, dandelions and greenery to add lots of interest. The rabbits are scattered in the foliage just like I see them every morning on my walk.

rabbit wildflower embroidery pattern

This one is going to be in the hoop for a more traditional finish and I can’t wait to get all the flowers and rabbits completed to see the finished result. Just shows you what ideas you can get from a simple morning walk!


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