Dear Jane Embroidery Pattern
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The Magic Sticky Fabri Solvy

There are so many ways to transfer your hand embroidery pattern on to your fabric. I have my own favourites and very often it depends on the design.

Here’s a sketch of one of my latest designs. The design idea was to replicate some of the many blocks from the ‘Dear Jane’ quilt by Jane A Stickle. I wanted a Mini embroidered version and it had to be quite precise in the drawing…

Since the original quilt had 169 blocks there were a lot to choose from. My 8 inch design contained 36 mini blocks (2cm in size!) This was all really nice and simple when it came to drawing it on graph paper however I soon realised when I wanted to transfer it to fabric this was not going to be possible by tracing!

sticky fabri solvy

So I decided it was a job for the magical stitcky fabri solvy by sulky (quite a mouthful I know!). The great thing about this is you can print directly on to it so for more complex designs, it is perfect.

mini embroidery design
Here’s the design printed straight on to the Magic stuff and then it has a sticky backing so all you need to do is stick it on to your fabric.

dear jane embroidery
So we’ll skip forward to after the stitching is all done so you can see how this stuff actually works…

Take a look at this short video and you will see how simple and stress free it is…

If you have a complex design that needs transferring or you just want to give this stuff a go – you can purchase single sheets from my shop here.

Here’s how the design looked once dryed, ironed and framed…dear jane embroidery

The pattern itself is not available just yet and once it is, I will be posting a tutorial for framing your work in a box frame just like I did with this one.

Happy Stitching!

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