valentine embroidery pattern
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Free Valentines Pattern!

As promised, here’s a free pattern for you in time for Valentines Day.

Free hand embroidery Pattern
Valentines embroidery pattern

A beautifully simple design, Bee mine can be stitched up in a short amount of time and will delight anyone who receives it (if you can bare to part with it yourself!)

Lets get down to the stitchy stuff…You will Need…

Fabric approx. 8 inch square, embroidery floss in your chosen colours – (I used DMC Stranded Floss and Stitched with 2 strands throughout), 6 inch embroidery hoop, needle and scissors.

First you will need to download the template and transfer on to your chosen fabric. The design is 5 x 5 inches.

In red, Start by Couching the letters.

Next, Satin Stitch the yellow sections of the bee, then back stitch the outline in black before satin stitching the black sections.

Couch the Bee wings, Straight stitch the antennae and running stitch the flight line.

The ferns are all stitched in continuous fly stitch. I used 3 different shades of green and varied them around the design. Each line of fern was stitched from the top to the bottom and I secured off the thread each time to avoid seeing thread lines from the back.

The template gives you the straight lines so you can just makes the fly stitches in a more organic way which gives the pattern a much nicer feel.

This would look great in a card for a loved one or even stitched on felt and made in to a hanger. 

If you enjoy this pattern then let me see your makes –  you can tag me on Instagram @stitchdoodlesdesign or send me a pic through email and I will pop it on facebook and instagram so we can share the love!


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