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Free Hand Embroidery Tutorial: Foxy Fox

Here is the third pattern in the Beginner Hand Embroidery series:

Foxy Fox

Refer to the 1st pattern (Happy Heart) by clicking here…   Happy Heart

fox hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

You will need: Wool Felt, Embroidery Floss, Sticky Fabri Solvy Stabiliser,  Needle and Scissors

For the Hoop Art… 5 inch hoop, 7 inch square of fabric, small amount of bondaweb

For the Hanging Decoration… Extra Wool Felt for the back, Polyfill Stuffing and Ribbon

Start by Printing out your template here…

Note on the Sticky Fabri Solvy (SFS) – This makes transferring your design on to the felt so easy and all you need to do is wash it away after.

fox embroidery

Trace the fox template on to your SFS, peel off the backing and then stick it to your felt.

Start by stitching the tail in Trellis Stitch and then both of the ears.

fox hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

Next, stitch the outline for the body and head in Back Stitch.

Using the photo below as a guide, stitch a couple of rows of running stitch around the lower inside edge and then a couple of rows coming down from each ear on the inside…

fox hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

Using black, split stitch around each eye and then fill in half of the centre with satin stitch so it looks like your fox is looking to his right.

Stitch the nose same as for the eyes but with satin stitch filling all of it.

Now trim the excess SFS off from around your design just like the photo.

Next, soak off the SFS –  if you need help, click on the ‘Happy Heart’ Link at the top of this post.

fox hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

Once dry, your fox should be looking fabulous!

Now you can decide if you wish to display him in a hoop or make a hanging dedoration like these…

fox hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles
fox hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

The instructions for making either option are described in the ‘Happy Heart’ tutorial. (Link above)

Next week we are making  the final design in this series where you can try out Fly Stitch and Chain Stitch. The Hanging version makes a wonderful Christmas Decoration… !

See you then…

Christmas hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

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