Free Hand Embroidery Tutorial: Mr Bear

Here is the second in the Hand Embroidery Beginner Patterns series: Mr Bear Refer to the 1st pattern (Happy Heart) by clicking here…  Happy Heart You will need: Wool Felt, Embroidery Floss, Sticky Fabri Solvy Stabiliser, 2 Black Brads, Needle and Scissors For the Hoop Art… 5 inch hoop, 7 inch square of fabric, small amount of bondaweb. Note on the Sticky Fabri Solvy (SFS) – This makes transferring your design on to the felt so easy and all you need to do is wash it away after. Start by Printing out your template here… Trace the bear template on to your SFS, peel off the backing and then stick it to your felt. Start by stitching the outer most lines in straight stitch and then back stitch around the ears. Now you have the basic outline, add more stitches around the edge to fill in the gaps. Stitch a few extra stitches on his forehead as well. Next, seed stitch the lower half of his body under the muzzle… Using the same thread, back stitch the circle of the muzzle as well as the inner ears. Using white, back stitch the circles for the eyes. Using Black, satin stitch the nose and back stitch the mouth. Now trim the excess SFS off from around your design just like the photo. Next, soak off the SFS – go to tutorials for more details if needed from the 1st ‘Happy Heart’ … Continue reading Free Hand Embroidery Tutorial: Mr Bear