Friday Freebie Pattern for May… Hand Embroidered Lily of the Valley…

Welcome to May’s Friday Freebie Pattern. Following on with the chosen theme of Birth Flowers, the pattern for May is Lily of the Valley.

Lily of the Valley symbolises happiness, humility and sweetness …

Once you have the template downloaded (from the link above) – transfer the pattern on to your fabric ready to stitch.

I used Robert Kauffman Essex Linen in Sand.

Choose your colours. I used DMC stranded threads – 2 strands for all the stitches in the following colours …

For the 3 large leaves, I used 1 strand of #699 plus 1 strand of #3345 to give a variegated look to the leaf. Thread up your needle with the 2 different colours (1 strand of each).

I Stitched the leaves with Brick Stitch. Starting in the centre of the first leaf – Brick stitch a line all the way up from the bottom to the top of the leaf so you have a good starting point. Then continue to fill in the leaf with brick stitch working from your centre line outwards on each side.

Before you stitch the middle leaf, using #704, stem stitch the stems for the flowers otherwise your brick stitch will cover them up.

The best order for stitching the individual parts where they overlap each other is Main Leaf, then green stems, then white flowers.

Here’s a nice close up for you with stitch and colour guide for each part of the flower…

Lily of the Valley Free Pattern by StitchDoodles

Finally, I decided to Back stitch a line in black where the leaves meet so they could be distinguished from one another ( if preferred, leave this step out.)

So there you have it, frame as desired, sit back and admire!

Show me how you get on if you decide to stitch some of these flowers for yourself.

Friday Freebie Pattern for April… Hand Embroidered Daisies…

Welcome to April’s Friday Freebie Pattern. Following on with the chosen theme of Birth Flowers, April’s pattern is of 2 beautiful daisies.

The Birth Flower for April is both Sweetpeas and Daisies. I decided to go with Daisies as they make beautiful and versatile designs for hand embroidery… Hope you enjoy!

Daisies symbolise innocence, love and loyalty so a great choice as a gift for a loved one…  First Download the template…

Once you have the template downloaded (from the link above) – transfer the daisies on to your fabric ready to stitch.

For the Daisy petals choose 2 contrasting colours – one for the main colour and the second for adding some contrast over the top. I chose a pink/purple combination. I used DMC stranded threads – 2 strands for all the stitching.

Satin stitch each of the petals, working your way around the whole flower.

When all the petals are satin stitched in the main colour, take 2 strands of your chosen contrasting colour and stitch long vertical straight stitches around the flower – 2 on each petal and sometimes in between the petals where there is a gap.

Using a third colour, straight stitch around the centre of the flower (as in the photo). This will just add a little bit more interest to the flower as a whole.

Finally stitch some french knots to fill the centre gap to complete the flower.

For the stems, choose a green of your choice and Stem stitch down the main stem and then satin stitch the leaves.

For the second daisy, I used the same colours but just switched them around for a different effect.

So there you have it, these daisies would look wonderful as brooches, on cards, or as a simple wall hanging.

Tag me in on your makes to let me see how you choose to use your daisies.

Happy Stitching!

March Birth Flower: Daffodil Friday Freebie Pattern

This March I am kicking off a new regular feature on the Blog called ‘Freebie Friday’! Every second Friday of each month,I will be posting a free pattern for you to download and stitch. The theme for 2019 will be…

Birth Month Flowers!

So many people (including myself) love to stitch flowers so I was fascinated to find out that each month has a flower that symbolizes the month of somebody’s birth. Supposedly the characteristics that the flower has may be “inherited” by whomever is born in that certain month and these flowers are referred to as Birth Month Flowers.

So, with that I have decided to make a flower for each month of the year and make this a Freebie Friday pattern for you to enjoy as well.

The March Birth Flower is the Daffodil. This symbolizes Spring, rebirth, domestic happiness, respect and friendship!

I hope you enjoy the pattern…

Firstly, download the pattern from the link above and transfer your daffodil on to your fabric – I traced the template on to some Robert Kaufman Kona cotton using a frixion pen.

I made a few directional lines within the petals to help me when stitching and used long and short stitch (also known as needle painting) throughout the flower

Using DMC 3820 – 2 strands, each section of each petal is stitched individually so that you don’t lose the lines that add the detail. I found since I was using the same colour throughout, I needed to add the lines in as I went so that I didn’t lose sight of where they were!

For the outline details I used DMC 3852 (2 strands) and the lines were stitched with split stitch.

Make your way around the whole flower, filling in the petals with long and short stitch and then split stitching the lines to define the areas.

Once the whole flower is done you can split stitch the outer edge as well to finish.

Stem stitch the green with DMC 702 (2 strands).

Of course, Daffodils come in an array of different yellows or whites or a mix of both so experiment with different colours for different effects.

For those of you who would rather not do Needle Painting, or would like a quicker project perhaps for a Mothers Day card or gift – here’s an alternative version…

For this one I used a Bright yellow cotton I had in my stash ( I think it is Robert Kaufman Kona but can’t be sure, its definately very bright!)

Thread used is a Pearl cotton size 8 in a yellow and brown and a tiny bit of green. Starting with the yellow, I straight stitched small areas of each petal just to give some highlights. Then with the brown all the lines were back stitched. Finally the stem was back stitched as well.

This was really simple and quick but very pretty when finished, here’s a close up…

If you enjoy stitching up some daffs of your own, send some pictures to me as I would love to see your creations or you can tag me in on instagram with @stitchdoodlesdesign.

Next Months freebie friday will be either a Daisy or a Sweet Pea – I haven’t decided yet so if you have a preference let me know!

Free Valentines Pattern!

As promised, here’s a free pattern for you in time for Valentines Day.

Free hand embroidery Pattern
Valentines embroidery pattern

A beautifully simple design, Bee mine can be stitched up in a short amount of time and will delight anyone who receives it (if you can bare to part with it yourself!)

Lets get down to the stitchy stuff…You will Need…

Fabric approx. 8 inch square, embroidery floss in your chosen colours – (I used DMC Stranded Floss and Stitched with 2 strands throughout), 6 inch embroidery hoop, needle and scissors.

First you will need to download the template and transfer on to your chosen fabric. The design is 5 x 5 inches.

In red, Start by Couching the letters.

Next, Satin Stitch the yellow sections of the bee, then back stitch the outline in black before satin stitching the black sections.

Couch the Bee wings, Straight stitch the antennae and running stitch the flight line.

The ferns are all stitched in continuous fly stitch. I used 3 different shades of green and varied them around the design. Each line of fern was stitched from the top to the bottom and I secured off the thread each time to avoid seeing thread lines from the back.

The template gives you the straight lines so you can just makes the fly stitches in a more organic way which gives the pattern a much nicer feel.

This would look great in a card for a loved one or even stitched on felt and made in to a hanger. 

If you enjoy this pattern then let me see your makes –  you can tag me on Instagram @stitchdoodlesdesign or send me a pic through email and I will pop it on facebook and instagram so we can share the love!


Poinsettia Stitch along – Couching


Over the next 15 days we will be stitching a beautiful Poinsettia…

Look at all these lovely stitches you will be doing…

Hand embroidery stitches

Before we start, you will need to download the template and trace on to your chosen fabric (if you have not done so already). Here’s the download again just in case…

poinsettia hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

Refer to the diagram in the download for the Petal numbers so you know which one to stitch and away we go…

Lets kick things off with something nice and simple – Couching.

Couch around the edge of Petal 1 and Petal 8…

Couching stitch hand embroidery
couching stitch tutorial

How to do the Couching Stitch…

Come up at 1 with your main thread and leave it there.

Using a separate thread (couching thread) come up at 2 and down at 3 (directly opposite where you came out at 2)  so the couching thread goes over the main thread anchoring it down as in step 4.

Continue in this way, making small stitches across the main thread to anchor it down.

When the line is stitched, take the main thread to the back of your work and secure off.

Couching stitch step by step

Nice and easy start, day 2 is Split Stitch and Stem Stitch… see you then.

Don’t forget to post your progress on Instagram and tag @stitchdoodlesdesign – can’t wait to see your progress.