Friday Freebie Pattern for May… Hand Embroidered Lily of the Valley…

Welcome to May’s Friday Freebie Pattern. Following on with the chosen theme of Birth Flowers, the pattern for May is Lily of the Valley.

Lily of the Valley symbolises happiness, humility and sweetness …

Once you have the template downloaded (from the link above) – transfer the pattern on to your fabric ready to stitch.

I used Robert Kauffman Essex Linen in Sand.

Choose your colours. I used DMC stranded threads – 2 strands for all the stitches in the following colours …

For the 3 large leaves, I used 1 strand of #699 plus 1 strand of #3345 to give a variegated look to the leaf. Thread up your needle with the 2 different colours (1 strand of each).

I Stitched the leaves with Brick Stitch. Starting in the centre of the first leaf – Brick stitch a line all the way up from the bottom to the top of the leaf so you have a good starting point. Then continue to fill in the leaf with brick stitch working from your centre line outwards on each side.

Before you stitch the middle leaf, using #704, stem stitch the stems for the flowers otherwise your brick stitch will cover them up.

The best order for stitching the individual parts where they overlap each other is Main Leaf, then green stems, then white flowers.

Here’s a nice close up for you with stitch and colour guide for each part of the flower…

Lily of the Valley Free Pattern by StitchDoodles

Finally, I decided to Back stitch a line in black where the leaves meet so they could be distinguished from one another ( if preferred, leave this step out.)

So there you have it, frame as desired, sit back and admire!

Show me how you get on if you decide to stitch some of these flowers for yourself.

Friday Freebie Pattern for April… Hand Embroidered Daisies…

Welcome to April’s Friday Freebie Pattern. Following on with the chosen theme of Birth Flowers, April’s pattern is of 2 beautiful daisies.

The Birth Flower for April is both Sweetpeas and Daisies. I decided to go with Daisies as they make beautiful and versatile designs for hand embroidery… Hope you enjoy!

Daisies symbolise innocence, love and loyalty so a great choice as a gift for a loved one…  First Download the template…

Once you have the template downloaded (from the link above) – transfer the daisies on to your fabric ready to stitch.

For the Daisy petals choose 2 contrasting colours – one for the main colour and the second for adding some contrast over the top. I chose a pink/purple combination. I used DMC stranded threads – 2 strands for all the stitching.

Satin stitch each of the petals, working your way around the whole flower.

When all the petals are satin stitched in the main colour, take 2 strands of your chosen contrasting colour and stitch long vertical straight stitches around the flower – 2 on each petal and sometimes in between the petals where there is a gap.

Using a third colour, straight stitch around the centre of the flower (as in the photo). This will just add a little bit more interest to the flower as a whole.

Finally stitch some french knots to fill the centre gap to complete the flower.

For the stems, choose a green of your choice and Stem stitch down the main stem and then satin stitch the leaves.

For the second daisy, I used the same colours but just switched them around for a different effect.

So there you have it, these daisies would look wonderful as brooches, on cards, or as a simple wall hanging.

Tag me in on your makes to let me see how you choose to use your daisies.

Happy Stitching!

Free Hand Embroidery Tutorial: Christmas Circle

Here is the fourth and final pattern in the Beginner Hand Embroidery series:

Christmas Circle

Refer to the 1st pattern (Happy Heart) for more detailed info on certain techniques.

Click here…   Happy Heart


You will need: Wool Felt, Embroidery Floss, Sticky Fabri Solvy Stabiliser,  Needle and Scissors

For the Hoop Art… 5 inch hoop, 7 inch square of fabric, small amount of bondaweb

For the Hanging Decoration… Extra Wool Felt for the back, Polyfill Stuffing and Ribbon

Start by Printing out your template here…

Note on the Sticky Fabri Solvy (SFS) – This makes transferring your design on to the felt so easy and all you need to do is wash it away after.


Trace the circle template on to your SFS, peel off the backing and then stick it to your felt. (Your circle does not need to be perfect!)

circle tutorial 3

Start by stitching individual Fly stitch between the two outermost lines as in this photo…

Outermost lines are numbers 5 and 6 counting from the inside out.


Continue stitching Fly Stitch all the way around (stitch the ‘v’ bits right next to one another, this way it will look like zigzags going around).

Next, leave a gap and  between lines 2 and 3,  chain stitch.

circle 6

Repeat the process with Fly Stitch in a contrasting colour on the next line down. (Between lines 4 and 5)

circle 7

Going back to your first colour,

Stitch vertical straight stitch all the way around between lines 3 and 4.

Lastly, stitch a Star stitch in the innermost centre circle.

Now trim the excess SFS off from around your design just like the photo. Next, soak off the SFS –  if you need help, click on the ‘Happy Heart’ Link at the top of this post.

free hand embroidery pattern

Once dry, your circle should be looking fabulous!

Now you can decide if you wish to display in a hoop or make a hanging decoration like these…

Free hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

The instructions for making either option are described in the ‘Happy Heart’ tutorial. (Link above)

That is the last in the StitchDoodles Hand Embroidery beginner pattern series and I really hope you have liked them, here’s a line up of all 4 as hanging decorations…

Hand embroidered decoration free pattern