Free Hand Embroidery Tutorial: Happy Heart

For all you lovely people out there who would like to give embroidery a go but don’t know where to start then look no further.

The first in a series of 4 Beginner Hand Embroidery Patterns, Happy Heart is a nice simple design to start with.

Embroider this sweet felt heart and then display it in a lovely hoop or make a fabulous felt decoration.

You will need: Wool Felt, Embroidery Floss, Sticky Fabri Solvy Stabiliser, Needle and Scissors


For the Hanging Decoration… Extra Wool Felt for the back, Polyfill Stuffing and Ribbon

For the Hoop Art… 5 inch hoop, 7 inch square of fabric, small amount of bondaweb

Note on the Sticky Fabri Solvy (SFS) – This makes transferring your design on to the felt so easy and all you need to do is wash it away after.

Start by Printing out your template here…

Heart decoration hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

Trace the heart template on to your SFS, peel off the backing and then stick it to your felt.

The Embroidery Floss I used is DMC stranded and I used 2 strands throughout to stitch the design.

Heart decoration hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

   Start by stitching the outer most line in back stitch.

Heart decoration hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

Complete the 3 other outlines in Back Stitch alternating colours if preferred.

The centre lines are stitched in Fly Stitch – start at the top of the left line and stitch a continuous line of Fly stitch down to the bottom and then do the same to the right side.

Now trim the excess SFS off from around your design just like the picture.

Next, Place the whole piece in a bowl of luke warm water (make sure the whole design is submerged) and leave it for an hour. You will see the stabilser start to dissolve just like magic!

Heart decoration hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles
Heart decoration hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

After about an hour, take it out and run it under a tap of luke warm water to remove any little stubborn bits that are still hanging around. Then squeeze out any excess water keeping the felt flat – you can place it between 2 towels and press hard to squeeze out quite a bit of the water and then hang it up to dry.

Displaying in a hoop…

Iron a piece of Bondaweb to the Back of your Heart (before you cut the felt shape out).

Heart decoration hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

Using sharp scissors, carefully cut around the outer edge of the heart approx. 1/8th inch from your stitches – if you are not confident then a bigger space of 1/4 inch will still look fine.

Remove the paper backing of the bondaweb and then iron the heart centrally to your chosen piece of fabric.

Cut the Heart shape out as described for the above hoop art then take your second piece of felt and place it on the back of the Heart (Embroidery side up).

Hoop up your design and display!

Making a Felt Decoration…

Heart decoration hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles
Heart decoration hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

Using a sewing thread to match the colour of the felt, sew a nice tiny neat running stitch around the edge sewing the 2 pieces together. Start at one of the lower sides and sew up to the centre top – just before the centre top – take your ribbon – fold it in half and insert the 2 ends in between the pieces of felt at the top just enough so they will be sewn in securely and give you a nice hanging loop.

Continue with the running stitch and then before you reach where you started – leave a big enough gap to insert your stuffing – pop sufficiant in to plump it up so it is soft and squidgy and then close the gap and secure in the ends to the back.

Finally you are going to very carefully cut around the remaining felt edges to create your heart.

Heart decoration hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

And there you have it, 2 lovely options for a very simple design.

Come back next week when I will show you how to stitch the next Hand Embroidery pattern called Mr Bear.

Autumnal Offerings… 4 free Hand Embroidery Patterns for beginners

Starting this Thursday 20th September. Over the next 4 weeks I will be sharing how to create these 4 FREE lovely hand embroidery patterns…

jpeg blog autumnal

Happy Heart, Mr Bear, Foxy Fox and finally Christmas Cookie.

You can choose weather to make a gorgeous hoop to hang on your wall or a hanging decoration to brighten up any space. Get your wool felt at the ready for this Thursday starting with ‘Happy Heart…

A nice simple hand embroidery design for beginners to enjoy, you will learn back stitch and Fly Stitch. Can’t wait to share this with you soon.