Poinsettia Stitch Along – Day 6, Fly Stitch


Fly Stitch – Petal 12

One of my favourite stitches for leaves, Fly stitch is simple and quick and really gives a nice detailed pattern to a shape. You can change the overall effect by making the stitches closer together or further apart.

Start at the tip of Petal 12 and Fly stitch continuously all the way down to fill in the whole shape…

Here’s a more detailed explanation of the stitch itself…

fly stitch tutorial

Have fun!

Poinsettia Stitch Along – Day 5, Blanket Stitch and Pekinese Stitch!


There are 2 different stitches for this part of the Stitch Along – Blanket Stitch (Petal 3) and Pekinese (Petal 14).

Blanket stitch and pekinese stitch example

Blanket Stitch – Petal 3…

Blanket Stitch tutorial

Bring your needle up at 1 on the line you are stitching and then take the needle across and down a stitch length both ways and insert, bring the needle back up at 3 over the thread (with the thread looped under the needle). When you pull the needle through at 3 this anchors the thread in the corner shape – continue along in the same way.

Continue all the way around Petal 3 to complete.

blanket stitch hand embroidery

Pekinese Stitch – Petal 14

This stitch is made up of 2 parts, first Back Stitch around the Petal outline…

Pekinese stitch step 1

Next, a separate thread is weaved in and around the back stitch – the detailed breakdown of how to do the stitch is below.

pekinese stitch step 2
pekinese hand embroidery stitch tutorial

This is a really nice easy stitch once you get going and gives such a pretty effect.

Your Poinsettia is really taking shape now. Next will be Fly Stitch, see you then.

Poinsettia Stitch Along – Day 4, French Knots


French Knots

French knot

You either love them or hate them but once you get the hang of them you can’t help using them in all sorts of places!

You will need to stitch the outlines of Petal 4 and Petal 13 with French knots close together. I used a thread similar in thickness to 2 strands of DMC and wrapped my needle twice for each Knot.

If you want larger knots use a thicker thread or wrap your needle 3 times rather than 2.

French Knot step by step

Look how beautiful they look as an outline stitch…


So once you have completed your French Knots your Poinsettia will be starting to take shape. We have some more fancy stitches tomorrow so make sure you don’t miss out on the next post. See you then.

Poinsettia Stitch Along – Day 3, Chain Stitch


Let’s do some Chain Stitch. This is such a fun stitch that adds a lot of character to a piece of work…

chain stitch hand embroidery poinsettia

Using your chosen thread you need to stitch nice neat, small chain stitches around each edge of Petal 2 and Petal 10.

Take your time and make the stitches small and as close in size to each other as you can.

Here’s a more detailed look at the stitch.

chain stitch step by step

See you tomorrow for French Knots!