Poinsettia Stitch Along – Day 12, Fishbone Stitch


Well done if you have made it this far! Today we are stitching Petal 5 with the Fishbone Stitch. This is one of my favourites as it looks amazing once complete.

Here’s what we are aiming for with Petal 5…


Start at the tip and work the top section first. Once you have your vertical straight stitch, each stitch after that is done alternately on each side from the outside in.

Take each stitch coming up on the outer edge and then back down on the centre line just below the last stitch and you work your way down from there.

Here’s the explanation in photo’s…

Fishbone Stitch collage

It’s really easy once you get going and very addictive!

Have fun…


Finishing touches are coming next…

Poinsettia Stitch Along – Day 11, Pistol Stitch and Seed Stitch


We are in to the last few days so most of the work is done on all but 1 of the petals which we will be stitching tomorrow!

For today, we are going to do some filling in of several petals with 2 different stitches –

Pistol Stitch and Seed Stitch…

Petal 9 has the lines drawn on for the Pistol Stitch. This is basically a French Knot with a tail.

Hand embroidery Back Stitch

Here’s a How to: Bring your needle up at 1 where the end of the tail will be and then wrap your needle 2 or 3 times as you would for a French Knot and insert the needle down at 2, pulling your thread through and forming the knot.

Pistol Stitch Tutorial

Petal 1 has 3 Pistol Stitches at the tip…

pistol stitch

and Petal 9 with them all over…

pistol Stitch

Next you will need to Seed Stitch inside petals 10 and 14. Seed stitch is super simple as it is just small straight stitches randomly stitched over a surface. For the Petals I did a double seed stitch as I love the effect this gives.

Seed stitch inside Petal 10 and Petal 14 like so…

seed stitch

Come back tomorrow and we stitch some fishbone!

Poinsettia Stitch Along – Day 10, Trellis Stitch


Today is all about Trellis Stitch. This is very versatile and fills in spaces nice and quick.

For Petal 12 – Stitch long vertical rows evenly spaced apart to fill the shape and then stitch long horizontal rows over the top to form a grid.

You could leave it as a single grid and stitch your digonal stitches now on the cross sections to anchor the threads down or you could stitch a second grid over the top of the first to add a bit of interest like so…

Stitch tiny diagonal stitches over each of the cross sections to anchor the trellis to the fabric.

trellis r5

Thats your Trellis Stitch complete, we will come back and stitch the outline to completely finish the petal on another day.

Here’s another explanation of the Trellis Stitch:

trellis collage

Happy Stitching!

Poinsettia Stitch Along – Day 9, Ermine Stitch and Star Stitch


Today you will be stitching 2 cute Isolated stitches – Ermine Stitch and Star Stitch.

Here’s an overview of the Petals to be stitched… Petals 4, 8 and 11

ermine star

Lets begin with Ermine Stitch and Petal 4… Stitch a few randomly over the Petal…

ermine stitch 1

Stitch as follows…

Ermine Stitch collage
Next, Stitch a Star stitch randomly to cover the inside of Petal 8 and 11…
star stitch

Stitch completed as follows…

Star Stitch collage

Day 10 tomorrow – not long until you are all done!