Embroidery Work in Progress…

Lots of new patterns in the pipeline at the moment and I am busy stitching up samples for patterns and trying colour combinations. Here’s a sneak peak of a couple currently in progress…

baltimore embroidery pattern
hope blossoms embroidery pattern

I am loving the subtle colour combinations in the Hope Pattern, the flower is really pretty…

hope blossoms hand embroidery pattern

I have also been yarn wrapping some hoops for the Poinsettia Patterns as the plain wood was too boring! Here’s a before and after – it takes a lot of patience but what a difference…

All the New Patterns will be available in the New Year and there are some exciting kits planned for next year as well…

Poinsettia Stitchmas for Christmas

Poinsettia Stitch along by Stitchdoodles

Join me and learn how to stitch this fabulous Poinsettia in the run up to Christmas. The design features 17 stitches and I will be showing you exactly how to create the stitches every step of the way.

The Poinsettia is approx 6.5 inches x 5.5 inches so when finished will fit in a 7 inch hoop.

To complete you will need:

Background Fabric approx 9 inch square, Embroidery Thread, needle and scissors.

hand embroidered poinsettia sampler

Download the Poinsettia Template now…

Transfer the template on to your fabric ready for this Saturday 1st December when we will start the Happy Poinsettia Stitchmas!

See you then…

Handmade always makes me smile!

I love coming across bits and bobs I have made over the years, expecially when I haven’t seen them for a while. One of the things you tend to accumulate when you design patterns are many versions of something – I find I have to make one for another photo or forgot to document a certain process or had a birthday present to find in a hurry!

These little ‘extras’ then get put away and forgotten about until, like recently, I was looking for something entirely different and stumbled across them once again. They always make me stop, think and smile and it just reaffirms how special handmade is.

Here’s some of my latest finds…

hand embroidery bulldog pattern
hand embroidery rabbit pattern by stitchdoodles
Hand embroidery rabbit pattern by stitchdoodles
hand sew a pug plushie pattern
hand embroidered rabbit brooch by stitchdoodles
hand embroidery schnauzer pattern by stitchdoodles
purple rabbit brooch by stitchdoodles

Visit my Etsy Shop if you want to give someone the joy of handmade this Christmas. Seemed a shame to have them sat in a drawer when they could be enjoyed by someone else. Have you come across something you made  and had forgot all about?

Embroidery helps relieve pain!

I know, sounds a bit strange doesn’t it but I can say without doubt that Embroidery has been my lifeline since I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, 4 years ago.

I don’t often talk about my illness mainly because I am a very private person when it comes to myself and also because its not something I want to define me as a person.

Fibromyalgia is a very real pain – a pain in the real sense of the word where it is relentless physically and a pain literally as well since it inpacts on every aspect of your life and how you live it.

I am a very stubborn person and I think this has been both a blessing and a curse in terms of me having Fibro! Everybody is different and copes in their own way.

I have tried many a treatment and to date pain meds are the only thing that keep me on a level playing field. Self help groups are not for me, yoga and pilates hurt, meditation is just not my thing and staying in bed is not an option so what has been my saviour – Embroidery! How weird is that!

When I am stitching, I focus on nothing else  (other than perhaps a good bit of TV and a nice glass of wine!) and for that time the pain is not the main thing banging on and on wanting attention every minute of the day – it is magical.

That brings me to my latest pattern  – Butterflies…

butterfly hand embroidery pattern for fibromyalgia

Butterflies are fragile and can easily be hurt – very much like someone with Fibro which is why they are used to help support Fibromyalgia sufferers.

I have designed my latest pattern for 2 reasons :-

Firstly, in the hope that it will raise some awareness of Fibromyalgia – we desperately need the condition to be more recognised for the debilitating, life altering, chronic illness that it is so more help can be found through medications and treatments.

Secondly, in the hope that I can persuade more people suffering from chronic pain to try Embroidery – it is addictive, absorbing, exciting and for us it does what nothing else can – takes you to a place for just a short time where your Pain does not come first.

These butterflies are whimsical and full of different stitches… All are designed to be achieveable by anyone new to embroidery. Follow the pattern or don’t follow the pattern, use all sorts of colours, be neat, be untidy – it really doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy yourself and have something to be proud of at the end.

butterfly embroidery pattern

Satin stitch and basic running stitch complete the above design.

butterfly hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

Stretch your skills and learn a few new stitches with this butterfly. I will be posting tutorials for all the stitches featured here over the next few weeks.

The Butterflies pattern is now available in my shop here and £2 from every pattern sold will go directly to FMA UK Рa charity dedicated to raising awareness of Fibro to help all you sufferers out there.