New Patterns and New Packaging!

So, after many a stitching hour and a few sore fingers I have finally completed my 2 newest patterns. I have to say they are both favourites of mine as I enjoyed every minute of stitching them!

Golden Leaves features a whole load of fishbone stitch and it is gorgeous! The DMC thread just shines in this design…

golden leaves hand embroidery pattern by StitchDoodles

Strawberry swirl looks as yummy as the strawberries would taste!

Strawberry swirl hand embroidery pattern by StitchDoodles

I am really hoping people will love these as much as I do and I can’t wait to see your finished creations!

Also to make life easier for you the thread packs for these patterns are available as well so you don’t have to go looking for the right colour – they are all in the pack!

If you would rather wait and get the full kit then they are in the process – just waiting on the fabric panels to come in so watch this space.

I have also been revamping my kit packaging. If you are like me and love it when something you buy comes in beautiful packaging you will understand why a boring brown box wasn’t hitting the mark for me anymore!

So, to give you a delightful package as well as a delightful stitchy kit (and because I like to be a bit different!) I went bright and cheery and think the result is fabulous…

You will really feel like you are spoiling yourself when you get a stitchDoodles kit which is what I am aiming for!

I am busy stitching up a little freebie for the blog which will be on here very soon so keep your eyes open!

You can find me on Instagram and facebook and share your stitchdoodles makes by tagging me in @stitchdoodlesdesign – I would love to see what you have created with one of my patterns. Bye for now.

10 Reasons why Embroidery is Good for you…

10 reasons why

1. Embroidery relaxes your mind and body


Hand embroidery is a craft you can do anywhere, anytime as all you need is some fabric, a needle and some lovely threads. Sit down with your favourite movie and a glass of wine and stitch away – what could be more relaxing than that!

If you need some relaxation then stick to a simple uncomplicated design and just enjoy the stitching process whilst creating something you can be proud of.

2. Embroidery makes you smile


From picking the design, choosing the threads, transferring on to your fabric to finally stitching the finished piece – embroidery has many different elements in the process for you to enjoy and smile about! No matter what you make, if it came out good or bad it will always make you smile and have you itching to get stitching again in no time.

3. Embroidery embraces all levels of ability


There is such a diversity to embroidery that allows anyone to give it a go. You don’t need to be a great artist, amazing seamstress, or particularly creative to be able to stitch up a fabulous piece of art that you will be really proud of.

There are so many wonderful designs out there which beginners can easily achieve fabulous results with and once you start you find yourself learning more each time and getting better and better as you go along. Simple embroidery stitches and designs tend to delight and enthral people as much now as they ever did. You don’t need to have been stitching for years to create fab stuff you can be proud of. Ability is all in your head – give it a go and don’t be afraid to put your own stamp on it.

4. Embroidery is a simple form of expression


If you have something to say – you can say it with embroidery! From the nice to the not so nice you can say what you feel and have it hanging on your wall for all to admire! A great inexpensive form of therapy if ever there was one!

5. Embroidery is comforting and calming


Get comfy and cozy on your favourite chair with some music or your favourite TV and stitch – you will be calm in no time!

6. Embroidery builds your confidence


No matter how good you are, you will always learn and improve as your embroidery journey develops. You will be able to see the improvement as you look back at what you have made and your confidence will soar!

7. Embroidery gives you a sense of achievement

Creating something from beginning to end and seeing it develop in to a creative and lovely piece of art is such an achievement and no matter who you are or how many projects you make there is always this great sense of achievement and buzz when you finally complete what you set out to do.

8. Embroidery creates inspiration


Once you have been embroidering for a while you begin to see the world around you in stitches and embroidery projects and inspiration is everywhere! If you aren’t at this point yet – just wait – you will be!

9. Embroidery is a good addiction


Addictions are generally not good for you but I am addicted to Embroidery and have no desire to quit any time soon! It takes up my time, invades my thoughts, spends my money but I swear – its good for me and could be for you too!

10. Embroidery is happiness


What more can I say…

Goodbye 2018!

Happy Stitchmas 2018 from Stitchdoodles

The last day of 2018! Hope you managed to get some stitching in this Christmas or at least had some stitching goodies in your stocking!

I have been busy getting my latest patterns ready for release and am so happy to have them all ready to be available from January 1st on my in my Etsy Shop.

Designed to help you relax and restore after the festivities, the ‘Chronic Collection’ has 3 gorgeous patterns each with their own message…

Chronic Collection IG

Alongside these is a collection of 3 patterns specifically for those with Fibromyalgia or Chronic Pain…

fibro ig

For each pattern sold in the ‘Fibro Collection’, StitchDoodles will donate £1 to FMA UK.

See you in 2019!