How to create a truly unique colour palette with a skein of yarn for hand embroidering.

I have done quite a bit of knitting in the past and the one thing I miss with hand embroidery is a gorgeous skein of beautifully crafted yarn!

There is loads of choice with embroidery thread as far as colour and type but it can be tricky sometimes picking the right colours to go with one another. I used this as my excuse for purchasing this wonderful skein recently!

The colours were just too hard to resist in this Filigran lace weight yarn

It is a 100% superwash merino wool and the 100g skein has a massive 600 metres to play with!

The question was – what to do with it – adding to my stash and just admiring it now and again was an option but I really wanted to stitch something in the amazing colours! I found a design I had done a while ago and figured this would be perfect for this type of colour explosion…

I soon realised that I couldn’t just start stitching – in order to make the most of all of the colours in the skein they needed to be split off so I could pick and choose and have them dotted all over the lovely flowers.

So, a bit of hand winding is required if you choose to use a skein like this but it is definately worth it for the rewards at the end. All you need to do is start winding the first colour off from the skein in to a ball and finish when the colour does. Do this for all of the different colours in the yarn and you have a whole set of colours that go together perfectly.

The beauty with the Filigran yarn was that the colours were non repeating so you got a whole ball of that colour off in one go and there was still a variation in that particular colour which will look like a variagated thread when stitched.

I chose the lace weight yarn as it is 2ply and therefore still quite a thin thread for hand stitching as I didn’t want it to look too heavy on the design.

Once all your colours are ready to go you can get stitching. This yarn proved to be really nice to stitch with. It had a good amount of strength to it so the thread did not break up or become too weak too soon as you stitched.

Here’s how the pattern looked when finished – absolutely stunning colours…

This will be available as a PDF pattern very soon and I can definately say I will be using this yarn again and already have my eye on a few more types to try out!

New Pattern – Mini Garden Duo…

To compliment the Garden Glory Pattern, I have been working on a duo of mini garden designs just for those who would prefer something a bit smaller to stitch.

The Mini Garden Duo features 2 colourful and fun designs for you to stitch and would be perfect for those left over threads from other projects.

Both designs are 3.5 inches square so very achieveable for most stitchers.

The Daisy Plant pot design features Brick Stitch, Lazy Daisy, Stem, Split, Long and Short as well as Trellis stitch so this is a proper little mini sampler!

The mini flowers pattern is very addictive, you could easily pop these little flowers on all sorts of items to add some colour and charm.

Both Patterns are included in the PDF Download – head on over to the shop to get your copy now Buy Garden Mini Duo

Garden Glory – New Hand Embroidery Design released in time for Spring!

Garden Glory – the latest StitchDoodles Design has been many months in the making and is now all stitched up and ready to go…

The Sampler style pattern features a variety of beautiful flowers including Tulips, Daisies and Pansies…

Lots of lovely greenery is intermingled between the blooms with the addition of pots and snails to add to the charm.

Garden Glory is a sampler pattern so there are lots of interesting stitches making up the individual elements including some basic stitches like Chain, Stem and Satin as well as some slightly more challenging (but still very achievable) such as Buttonhole, Trellis and Fishbone.

The Pattern is a 10 page PDF with full colour photos and lots of easy to follow instructions. This will be a fabulous project to get you in the mood for spring and give you the perfect excuse to try out some gorgeous colours.

You can Purchase the pattern from my shop here. You can use all sorts of colours in your stash for this one as it will look great in any colourway!


#marchmeetthemaker 2019

I decided to join the #marchmeetthemaker challenge this year, which is a month long challenge with different prompts for each day to post to Instagram. In case you are not on IG and would like a feel for what its all about here’s a few of the posts so far…

Day 1… Favourite Make

Since I love making, designing and stitching then it just had to be a collection of the patterns and kits I have made to date. This is a small collection of some of my favourites all of which are available for you to make with the patterns and kits in my shop.

Day 2… How I started

Having crafted from a very young age, it was patchwork and quilting in my 20’s that really started my love of fabric and stitching. I totally fell in love with hand stitch when I made this mini quilt for a competition at the NEC in 2006 for Patchwork magazine! I came 1st and was hooked! I had to think smaller projects when my kids came along so hand embroidery has been the perfect fit. I had so many ideas and not enough space to display each one so decided selling them as patterns would be a great excuse to keep designing! I haven’t looked back!⁣

Day 3… Flat Lay

I found these gorgeous little wooden buttons in my stash and they make the most perfect strawberries! I thought I would make a button alternative with my Strawberry swirl design and this would look super cute stitched up!⁣

Day 4… Tools and Materials

I wanted to highlight the simplicity of embroidery with this post. Hand embroidery is easily achieved with the most basic of supplies which is fantastic. You don’t need to spend loads of money or have loads of space to enjoy some hand stitching. Grab your fabric, needle and thread and stitch! Of course once you get ‘hooked’ you will find yourself adding to this in more ways than one as threads and fabric are addictive!⁣

I’ll let you know if I manage to keep up with all the posts for the coming week next weekend!

Create your own beautiful and unique Embroidered Pendants with these kits…

I love embroidered necklaces and brooches and have wanted to make a pattern for some time that incorporated them.

I recently managed to find some gorgeous pendants in the US that I fell in love with straight away – after a bit of a wait they finally arrived and I was so excited at how gorgeous they are!

I haven’t found anything for embroidered jewellery in the UK that comes close to the quality and simplicity of these pendants they are so beautiful.

So that you can make your own Embroidered Pendant – there are now 4 different styles of these fabulous kits in my shop…

All you need to do is stitch your design, wrap it around the included crest tag and then glue in to the pendant – how great is that?!

If you are really tempted but just don’t know what to stitch in them, I have created 11 designs to get you started – the PDF for these is in the shop now. Here’s a peak of a few you can choose from…

They look fabulous in the pendants…

If you are in the US, you probably won’t appreciate how exciting it is to have these available! We don’t have as much choice in lovely stitchy goodies like you lucky peeps! UK stitchers – grab these while you can as I am not sure if/when I will be stocking them again!

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