Autumn’s Pallette

Wow, I am seriously loving this Baltimore block I am stitching. Rather than go for the traditional green that the leaves were calling to be stitched in, I decided to think Autumn!

Amazing what a difference colour makes in the overall effect of a design as well as the impact it has on the actual stitching. I can’t wait to stitch each leaf and see it evolve and contribute to the overall wreath.


Berries have proved to be a bit more tricky. The traditional red did not give enough contrast so I am trying this grape colour to see if it suits the overall effect. I think once I add the branches it will give me the overall decision on the berry colour!

Either way I am absoloutely loving this stitch journey and am excited for the next one in the series. Baltimore stitchies will be available in a collection of patterns when they are all complete! Not sure when that will be but keep coming back to find out!

Hexies Hexies Everywhere!

So I finished my Hexies much sooner than anticipated! They turned out to be quite addictive which was partly down to the gorgeous  Paintbox threads I was using! I felt the need to use every colour (!) of the pack I had chosen as you can see… these colours were sooo scrummy and a delight to stitch.


With any design like this, it needs to be interesting  both to look at as well as stitch otherwise it becomes a chore and thats not the aim of the game!!

So, my original plan was a bit ambitious – I wanted to fill each hexie with 1 type of stitch  but as I got going I started to realise this was not a good idea! Firstly, it may only be a 6 inch circle filled with small hexies but there are a surprising amount of hexies in the whole design and it takes quite some time to fill just one!

So, as you can see I completed hexies in Trellis Stitch, French Knots, Chain Stitch – the french knots were not for the faint hearted as there is a lot of those little guys needed to fill just 1 hexie!


I felt, regardless of the filler stitch, they needed finishing with a border of Back stitch for a more neater finish. We have Fly Stitch, Back stitch spirals, Buttonhole Stitch with French Knots, and a bit of free styling with a large star!


Back Stitch stripes, seed stitch, running stitch.


I loved couching the lime green thread with the pink!

Once all the hexies were stitched, soaking off the stabiliser was like magic revealing the result underneath!


How many possibilities are there for filling these in?

Hexies for Hand Embroidery!

Don’t you just love hexies! Being a total fan of all the traditional quilting designs and techniques I had to transfer my love of Hexies to my love of hand embroidery. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to achieve at the start apart from hexies and colour so I let it develop organically!…

Hexies hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

Stitcky Fabri solvy proved to be my lifesaver yet again so no tricky transferring needed. I also happened to have treated myself to these gorgeous threads from paintbox threads and this seemed to be the perfect project to spoil with them.

Deciding what to stitch? I am not one for planning a whole lot (!) I like to see what takes my fancy as a I go and these little hexies just seemed perfect to showcase some different types of stitches – the threads are so scrummy I wanted something simple to highlight the individual colours…

Hexies hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

As you can see above, French Knots fill an entire hexie and the texture and colour work perfectly. I also decided to use  back stitch, seed stitch, chain stitch and long stitch for a bit of variety.

Hexies hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

So in these hexies I went with the gorgeous trellis stitch for the yellow grid effect, simple running stitch just randomly stitched across the hexie in the mauve which gave an interesting ad hoc effect and then my personal favourite is the couching stitch hexie – the lime green thread anchored down with the pink contrast looks amazing and was really easy to achieve.

Thats all I have managed to complete for now so will update on the progress when I have stitched some more! If you think you might enjoy hand embroidering your own Hexie sampler,  I will post a link to the template when I have finished my design.

Bye for now!

Welcome to my lovely sparkly new blog!

Beach Huts hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

A bright, happy and most importantly large space to share some exciting embroidery tips, tricks and free patterns! I am going to kick things off with these wonderful autumnly beginner patterns for you to enjoy…

Free beginner hand embroidery pattern by stitchdoodles

Ooooh, these are so fun and I have 2 options for you – lovely embroidery hoop art or some Felt hanging decorations – what will you choose!? Watch this space as I am nearly completed getting these guys written up so you can get stitching… not long now…