Take a Walk with me…

We are experiencing a bit of summer finally and my morning walks have taken on a total transformation with lots of colour and life. This morning was perfect for color ideas and design inspiration for your next project.

wild rabbits
Wild rabbits enjoying the morning dew
Thistles - these would be gorgeous embroidered!
To me these could be lazy daisy stitches with french knot centres...
pink flower
Look at that colour - never be afraid to go bright!
The difference in the greens you see is amazing and these are the perfect leaf to be stitched in fly stitch...
My beautiful Nancy enjoying the morning exercise.

Most of my designs are nature inspired and you can probably tell why now from the lovely countryside I get to explore. Most of the things I see I start dreaming up ways to convert them in to embroidery stitches and thread!

Hope you enjoyed the walk! and are inspired to take some pictures yourself and make them in to something stitchy!

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