July Friday Freebie Embroidery Pattern – Larkspur

Larkspur hand embroidery pattern

The Larkspur flower is the Birth flower for the month of July. There seems to be quite a few different meanings associated with the flower however the one that stands out to me is that it symbolises enjoying life.

They look gorgeous in all different colours and many individual colours have meanings of their own so this can be a great way to make something truly unique for someone who celebrates a birthday in July.

If you would like to stitch some of these fabulous flowers then you can download the template for the above design here…

Larkspur Pattern Template

Trace the design on to your fabric, pop in an embroidery hoop and get stitching…

larkspur free embroidery pattern


I used DMC floss and stitched with 2 strands throughout the design.

With green, start by stitching all the stems in split stitch.

Larkspur free embroidery patternThe colours I chose to stitch my flowers in were a mix of lilac, purple, pink and burgandy – choose your colours and start stitching with the centre flower.

Chain stitch the flowers on either side of the stem working your way up from the bottom to the top.

larkspur embroidery

To create a thicker looking flower, stitch the outer layer of chain stitch in the same colour on the same flower.

larkspur embroidery

Continue stitching the rest of the flower stems with chain stitch in the same way to complete the design. These are really nice and simple to stitch but look so pretty when completed.

Larkspur embroidery pattern by Stitchdoodles

If you stitch up some Larkspur flowers let me see how you get on. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook with @stitchdoodlesdesign.

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Wildflowers and Rabbits in Embroidery

Remember the walk I showed you last week? With all those lovely colours and gorgeous wild rabbits? Well, it had me totally inspired to create a new design as I just had to get those thistles in stitch somehow!  So, I have had great fun coming up with a new design and here’s a sneak peak of how it looks so far…

Rabbit embroidery pattern

I have packed this full of colour with thistles, daisies, bullrush, dandelions and greenery to add lots of interest. The rabbits are scattered in the foliage just like I see them every morning on my walk.

rabbit wildflower embroidery pattern

This one is going to be in the hoop for a more traditional finish and I can’t wait to get all the flowers and rabbits completed to see the finished result. Just shows you what ideas you can get from a simple morning walk!


The Magic Sticky Fabri Solvy

There are so many ways to transfer your hand embroidery pattern on to your fabric. I have my own favourites and very often it depends on the design.

Here’s a sketch of one of my latest designs. The design idea was to replicate some of the many blocks from the ‘Dear Jane’ quilt by Jane A Stickle. I wanted a Mini embroidered version and it had to be quite precise in the drawing…

Since the original quilt had 169 blocks there were a lot to choose from. My 8 inch design contained 36 mini blocks (2cm in size!) This was all really nice and simple when it came to drawing it on graph paper however I soon realised when I wanted to transfer it to fabric this was not going to be possible by tracing!

sticky fabri solvy

So I decided it was a job for the magical stitcky fabri solvy by sulky (quite a mouthful I know!). The great thing about this is you can print directly on to it so for more complex designs, it is perfect.

mini embroidery design
Here’s the design printed straight on to the Magic stuff and then it has a sticky backing so all you need to do is stick it on to your fabric.

dear jane embroidery
So we’ll skip forward to after the stitching is all done so you can see how this stuff actually works…

Take a look at this short video and you will see how simple and stress free it is…

If you have a complex design that needs transferring or you just want to give this stuff a go – you can purchase single sheets from my shop here.

Here’s how the design looked once dryed, ironed and framed…dear jane embroidery

The pattern itself is not available just yet and once it is, I will be posting a tutorial for framing your work in a box frame just like I did with this one.

Happy Stitching!

National Ice Cream Month!

Can you believe there is actually a month that celebrates Ice Cream?! Well there is and July is the month. It came in to effect in the US in 1984 and they celebrate the 3rd Sunday of July with National Ice Cream Day!

Well, we all love Ice Cream but instead of eating your way through the month, why not get your Ice Cream fix by stitching up my ‘Icecream and Sprinkles’ design instead?!

Ice Cream embroidery

Lots of fun but with none of the calories! Plenty of yummy coloured threads to be used in this one. Of course you could go all out and enjoy an actual Ice Cream whilst stitching them as well. Just watch out for the sticky fingers!

Take a Walk with me…

We are experiencing a bit of summer finally and my morning walks have taken on a total transformation with lots of colour and life. This morning was perfect for color ideas and design inspiration for your next project.

wild rabbits
Wild rabbits enjoying the morning dew
Thistles - these would be gorgeous embroidered!
To me these could be lazy daisy stitches with french knot centres...
pink flower
Look at that colour - never be afraid to go bright!
The difference in the greens you see is amazing and these are the perfect leaf to be stitched in fly stitch...
My beautiful Nancy enjoying the morning exercise.

Most of my designs are nature inspired and you can probably tell why now from the lovely countryside I get to explore. Most of the things I see I start dreaming up ways to convert them in to embroidery stitches and thread!

Hope you enjoyed the walk! and are inspired to take some pictures yourself and make them in to something stitchy!